[Head of School] Term 3 Week 1 Message

It has been a happy start to our school term with smiles and friendly greetings outshining the gloomy and wet weather which started the week. There was much catching up from the holiday to be had and the students are maxing out that opportunity. I hope your family time was rewarding but it’s very comforting to be back into solid school routines.

We welcomed some 80 new students to the school on Monday and there was a buzz of excitement from the new parents as their sons and daughters got to their classrooms with their teachers and student buddies. Welcome to all new families and the happy return of all students.

Olympic Pride

We are very proud of the dedication and successes of two school alumni who will be competing in the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics.

AISHK Alumnus 2005-2018, Stephanie Norton, Class of 2018, competes in the Laser Radial Sailing and AISHK Alumnus 2010-2018, Bill Thorley, Class of 2020, competes in the Marathon Swim.

We are exceptionally proud of Stephanie’s and Bill’s achievements to date and wish them well and much success in the world’s premier sporting competition.


Secondary students are to wear their regular school uniform to school each day. They can change for PE classes during the school day when PE lessons are scheduled. Secondary students can also wear their PE uniform to school on Fridays if they are participating in Friday Activities.

Arrangements for Primary students’ uniform have not changed from last term.

There is a range of choice across the trans-seasonal uniform for students. Girls, Years 3-12, can choose to wear the shorts with the shirt or blouse as an alternative to the tunic or skirt/blouse. The striped school tunic is also available in a range of sizes for Secondary girls.

It has been an enjoyable and busy week. Best wishes for the weekend.

Howard West | Head of School