[Deputy Head of Primary] Term 3 Week 2 Update

30 July 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

The return to school for Term 3 sees the commencement of many activities and experiences designed to enhance our students’ wellbeing. Students in the Primary Division commenced Peer Support this week with great excitement and much success. Our Year 6 students displayed great leadership while engaging students from Prep to Year 5 in activities that promote the concept of connection. […Read more]

Preparatory News

Prep Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

Our Prep students are really enjoying being back on campus after their holidays. They have all grown a few centimetres, at least! English This term we are continuing to explore quality literature in the form of children’s picture books, including those shortlisted for Early Childhood CBCA Picture Books. We are learning to identify if we like or dislike different texts […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

So much has taken place in the past two weeks, the holidays feel like a distant memory. Nonetheless what an incredible two weeks it has been! Teachers across the school have been beaming with pride and positivity about our students with their approach to Peer Support this week and the “Great Debate” early last week. We have many engaging learning […Read more]

Reception News

Reception Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

Hello Reception Families, Welcome to Term 3. It has been fabulous to see everyone again! We have heard great stories of holiday adventures and fun. Thank you for sending in some photos for us to share. Students have been enjoying telling one another all about their adventures as they’ve looked through their photos.  A special welcome to our new Reception […Read more]

Year 4 News

Year 4 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

  We have had a fantastic start to Term 3 after what I hope was a restful school break for all. This term we welcome Mrs Neander Walsh to the Year 4 team and Mr John van Gaalen to AISHK as our new PE and Health teacher. Ms Indica Herbert will also be providing support through the LEC. English This […Read more]


[Interim Deputy Head of Secondary Message] Week 4 House Mufti Day

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

It is with great excitement that we announce the first House Mufti Day, the first in over 18 months!  The hosts for the day will be the mighty red and green houses, Eucalypt and Waratah. The event is scheduled for Week 4, Wednesday 11 August. All students from Reception to Year 12 may come to school in Mufti (non-uniform) casual […Read more]

Year 1 News

Year 1 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

We are thrilled to say that Year 1 students have settled back into routine incredibly well! Term 3 is always an exciting term. A busy term indeed with the upcoming events of Peer Support, Choral, Book Week, Student-Led Conferences and another Science unit later in the term! It really is exciting to already see the huge growth in student learning […Read more]

Year 2 News

Year 2 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

Dear Year 2 Parents, We have had a great start to our Term 3 learning. Here is an overview of what has been happening in Year 2. English This term we are learning about informative texts in both reading and writing. Students have begun looking at key features found in informational texts and making connections about how they differ from […Read more]