Year 6 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

Here we are almost at the end of Term 2 and it is certainly time to reflect on some of the great progress and achievements that our students have made. Science experiments, mathematical investigations, persuasive masterpieces, debating, buddy visits, Jump Jam… the list goes on. Year 6 classrooms have been busy indeed. Thank you to those parents that made it into our school this week to take part in our parent tours. We hope you enjoyed entering the classrooms and seeing your own children and their learning first hand. It was a lovely experience and it was nice to see some familiar faces. 

Should bugs be on the lunch menu? Should all cars be yellow? Should everyone play a musical instrument? These are some of the topics that we have been discussing and investigating in our English lessons. Our Year 6 students are even taking it a step further by using their own research and questioning skills to really strengthen their arguments. We are now transitioning from written persuasive pieces to verbal debates, and what fun we are having!  Students are learning how to plan and prepare for official debates, looking at the role of the adjudicator and the speakers for the affirmative and negative teams. Next week we will be looking at the structure of a formal debate and how to best prepare as a team.

In Mathematics, our ‘Happy Hippo’ unit is well underway as we begin with a strong focus on two and three-digit multiplication. We have been exploring the different ways to multiply, looking at doubling and halving as well as the splitting and multiplying method. Students have also revised their division skills, focusing on two-digit divisors and division with remainders to the hundreths. Next up, decimals, area and perimeter- oh my! It is extremely important that students are practising their number facts and recall in order to work through tasks at a quicker rate. For extra practice, students are encouraged to revise their number facts by playing games and keeping up with their Mathletics tasks which are used to reinforce the learning opportunities in class. Some warm-up games we have been exploring in class include 21, Maths Tiggy and Around the world. Please check these websites if you need some inspiration: Multiplication Games, Games at home

Students are building up their knowledge of their chosen Asian country, as we continue to discover and explore the demographic, social and economic profiles. This week our focus has been heavily on identifying and exploring the demographic aspects of Australia in comparison with Asia. We have looked specifically at size, structure and distribution of populations and the changes in these populations due to births, deaths, migration and emigration. Moving into looking at entire groups defined by nationality, religion and ethnicity. The Census of Population and Housing that occurs every 5 years in Australia has also been a topic for discussion. 

Our investigations into physical and chemical reactions continue and our budding scientists have certainly grasped a stronger understanding of the differences between them. Dissolving solvents in solutes to create new solutions, burning paper and observing a chemical reaction in a bottle that can be reversed, are just some of the experiments that have been conducted in Year 6. The students have shown extreme enthusiasm in researching their very own experiments to demonstrate a physical or chemical change.  Stay tuned for more exciting hands-on experiments to come.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Dental Scheme Visit: Tuesday 8 June (Week 9)
  • Peer Support Training Day: Wednesday 9 June (Week 9)
  • Parent Tour: Wednesday 16 June (Week 10)
  • Last Day of Term 2: Friday 18 June (Week 10)

Year 6 Team

Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Jodie Spencer, Emma Knight, Chris McCorkell

Primary Office: