Year 2 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

We have had an action packed two weeks filled with learning, opportunities for growth and of course some fun. As school has become busier with longer days and an extra break time, students have been talking about inclusivity in their Health lessons. Students have been thinking about what it feels like, looks like and sounds like to include others in our games and activities. We have also thought about what it would be like if people weren’t included. As this links with our school core value of connectedness, we hope that all students feel connected and included whilst they are at school. We want all of our students to look for others to include them in their games, to model kindness and bring people together. These are life long skills that will support our students well past their time in Year 2.


In English, we have been planning our own narrative stories using all the things that we have learned during our Julia Donaldson author study. We cannot wait to share them with you in Week 10. Year 2 have also been practising a Readers Theatre piece which they will present to another class over the coming weeks. The Readers Theatre scripts are based on the Julia Donaldson books we have read this term. Students are thoroughly enjoying performing these short plays and their reading is becoming more fluent each time they practise. 


In Numeracy, we have investigated fractions of both shapes and numbers. In Year 2, students should understand the fractions of half, quarter and eighths. The students have talked a lot about pizzas as this is an easy way for them to see the fractions of a circle and then apply to other shapes. They designed a shop and had to work out the prices if someone purchased a fraction of a whole pizza, cake or fruit. They also investigated 3D shapes and will continue this in the upcoming week.  


Our Year 2s have enjoyed hands-on activities through various investigations this term. They completed their Physical Science unit by applying their learnings to a push and pull investigation using cars. We are excited to spend the next few weeks investigating Chemical Sciences, starting with different materials and their purposes. We will apply this knowledge to sustainability, looking at recycling, reusing and reducing. 

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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