Year 2 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 10

Dear Year 2 Parents,

What an incredible term Year 2 students have had. From starting back into the classroom full time, to our playground leadership roles, to watching a Poetry Planet performance and all of the learning in between. There have been many highlights this term but the greatest must have been seeing all of the students back together for recess and lunch, enjoying each other’s company, learning how to negotiate, asking for help and playing kindly with their friends. 

Sadly, we say goodbye to a small number of students who are leaving AISHK at the end of this term. We wish all students good luck and thank them for their time with us. We will remember you all fondly and please ensure that you stay in touch. You have all been wonderful contributions to this year group and you will be missed. 


Thursday saw us launch our narrative stories which we have worked hard on for a few weeks. Students were placed in house groups and had the opportunity to share across the year group. It was such a lovely chance to listen to the amazing stories each child has created. We think there are some award winning authors among our Year 2 students. On Wednesday, Year 2 attended a Faust production, ‘Poetry Planet’. Students interacted with the actors and helped them defeat the evil Dr Snatchenwords by using rhyming words, alliteration and even onomatopoeia! Judging from the laughs and cheers from the audience, students loved watching this show. Next term we’ll be focussing on information texts.


We have investigated both Australian and Hong Kong money. The students learnt to recognise the notes and coins in both currencies and put them in order of value. They were given a budget to spend on various goods and also practised different ways to make the same amount of money. 


We finished off our Science unit with some exciting mixing investigations in our classrooms. It was great to see how different mixtures could be formed and which mixtures were able to be separated. The best part was that the students were able to take home some souvenirs from their investigations too.

We wish all Year 2 families a safe, happy and relaxing holiday break. We encourage all students to continue their reading and practicing their maths (maybe they can try and use their new money skills in the shops). 

Best wishes,

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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