Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

We certainly are back into the swing of things and the Year 1 students are into their full routine after our second week of full days back on campus. There has been a buzz around the Year 1 classrooms with our Parent Tours, the Reptile Man incursion and of course our mealworms! Make sure that you read the article about the Reptile Man in this week’s Dhanara. 


We have continued our unit on ‘Chance’ to identify familiar events. From thinking of events that are possible, definite or impossible to conducting small experiments with counters, coins and dice, our students have been exploring the likelihood of an event and using their chance language to support their thinking. At home, simple games of chance with a coin of heads or tails is always fun. Predict what you may get beforehand and toss the coin a set number of times. Use tally marks to record the results. 

Our next focus is on ‘Whole Number’ where we will be looking at skip counting, working with place value and number facts  with numbers 50-100. 


Recount writing has been a focus after our exciting incursion from the Reptile Man. The children wrote about the different types of animals they encountered making sure to include the who, what, when, where and time connectives like ‘next’, ‘then’ and ‘finally’. The students were also able to use  their descriptive language to write about what each animal looked and felt like. Inferential comprehension and skimming and scanning have been the focus for our reading strategies. The children have been learning how to use text clues plus what they already know to make an inference. Skimming and scanning help the children to be able to locate a piece of information or to find the main ideas of a text quicker. 


There have been many exciting times in Science over the last two weeks. Our mealworms have been changing to pupae and in some cases darkling beetles. The students have been observing these changes and discussing how the physical features change at each stage of the life cycle. We have been practising our scientific drawings when drawing and labelling different parts of a plant. 

Now that we are back into routine and almost at the end of Semester 1, it is a great time to start giving your child more responsibility and opportunities to upskill their organisation. In the classrooms, they are certainly taking on and thriving with more responsibility for themselves. This can certainly be reflected in small tasks at home to prepare for school.  In class we have been discussing what things they might be able to do themselves to help them be organised:

  • Checking their timetables. 
  • Getting their Sports uniform out the night before. 
  • Having their Library bag and books ready the night before. 
  • Ensuring that they have their readers ready to return on a Thursday night. 
  • Helping to pack their lunch, recess and water bottle. 
  • Ensuring that they have their diary checked and temperature record sheet signed. 
  • Do they have a private instrumental lesson the following day? Allow them to also get their equipment ready to go. 

These small, simple tasks will also allow your child to feel empowered. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher if you have any questions. 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Year 1 Team

Lynda Lemmon (Head of Year 1), Jamie Dy, Sarah Galvin, Jack Wolfreys

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