Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 10

Here we are on our very last day of Term Two, Year 1 and we’ve been on campus full time for four weeks! It has indeed been a whirlwind of a semester! 

It has seen our students writing descriptive and persuasive text, applying a wealth of reading comprehension strategies to thie daily reading routines and getting stronger and stronger by the week with their camera words and phonic sounds. We have created 2D monsters, gone ‘chance fishing’, learnt about the duration of time and know even more about calendars. We have been practising our daily whole numbers through a range of different concepts and strategies. 

Finally, our Science unit. This unit has intrigued our Year 1 students, allowing them rich opportunities to explore living things through having to take care of their very own plants and mealworms. The incursion of the Reptile Man was certainly a highlight where our students came up close and personal to learn about some incredible animals. 

We have seen our first Jump Jam’s on the field in a very long time, had a morning at the theatre to watch ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Faust and of course we cannot forget that we have also had to settle back into another new routine with full days and eating lunch at school. It cannot be argued that Year 1 students certainly deserve their holiday! 

The bulletin board on Level Three outside the Primary Office is looking sensational! Ms Jaimie Ashton and Miss Carina have been teaching some incredibly colourful weaving with the Year 1s. Parrots, llamas and exotic flowers! It really is a sight to behold. Please see the photos below. Well done Year 1! 

Looking ahead

Next term, we will be exploring our second Science unit on ‘Physical and Chemical Change’. In Literacy we will be exploring using our imagination and learning about the narrative structure. We will then be looking at writing and following procedures. In Mathematics, we will commence with fractions, time and then length. Many exciting times ahead!  

Library lessons will occur at the start of the term to prepare for the celebrations of Book Week in Week Six. 

Library borrowing will return to a weekly session for Year 1s and your classroom teacher will notify you of which days your child will need their Library bag. 

Peer Support will commence in week Two of Term Three. This well established program is a wonderful opportunity for Year 1 students to meet and collaborate with children from Prep to Year Five in fun activities led by a Year Six student with teacher support. More news will come next term! 


In Maths over the last two weeks, we have completed our Chance unit and moved on to a strong focus on Whole Number, particularly numbers 50-100.  We have explored what makes a number odd or even and how we can apply these strategies to larger numbers. Skip counting has been a focus, although this time not only in twos but fives and tens. 

We have been counting on both forwards and backwards and looked closely at identifying mystery numbers by implementing all of the information that we have been learning in class. 

Over the holidays, some simple activities that you could do with your child: 

  • Looking at two digit numbers in the environment (letter boxes, street numbers, numbers on buses, menus etc) ‘What can you tell me about this number?’ ‘What comes before this number? ‘What comes after this number?’ 
  • Play ‘Mystery Shape’ by taking turns at describing the edges, faces and corners of a shape and where you would see it in everyday life. 
  • Using two dice or a pack of playing cards, take turns at rolling the dice or flipping two cards and adding or subtracting the numbers

These little games can be a fun and engaging way to take up some time when travelling or generally beating some of the holiday boredom blues!  


In English we have been continuing to look at the language and structure of a persuasive text. The children have been able to agree or disagree with different statements and give their own opinions to why they think or feel this way. We have been looking at the reading strategy, sequencing. The children have looked at different examples of sequencing in texts such as timelines, life cycles and in procedures where the steps are sequenced in order. 

Over the holidays some activities you could do with your child to support English are;

  • Keep a diary of the different activities and experiences you do over the 4 week break.
  • Watch some stories on 
  • Talk to your child about the book they are reading. Ask them about the characters, what’s the plot, how do they think the story will end?


In Science we have been continuing to observe and describe the changes occurring to our mealworms. We have explored how living things have different physical features and how these features help them to survive in their environment. The children have been showing what that they have learnt over the term by creating mealworm information packs for 2022’s Year 1 cohort. The mealworms have indeed been a highlight! 

Other Important Information


Over the holidays please keep an eye out for any PM Readers that may have been hiding at home. If these could please be returned in Term Three, that would be greatly appreciated. 

School photographs

School photos were sent home this week. If you would like to order some photos please remember that the deadline is 16th of July. Please send your order in, enclosed in your child’s diary. 

Lastly, thank you for all of your support to make your child’s first semester of Year 1 a success. Your flexibility, understanding, patience and support have been much appreciated. We look forward to working with you and your child in the upcoming term. 

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and restful break.

Year 1 Team

Lynda Lemmon (Head of Year 1), Jamie Dy, Sarah Galvin, Jack Wolfreys

Primary Office: