Prep Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

We have had a busy few weeks adjusting to our longer days and the excitement of having two play times! We are getting used to the very busy time we have at school, which is making us a little tired especially in this heat. We are incorporating lots of opportunities for students to stop and recharge during the day. 

Over the last two weeks we have enjoyed spending time with our mums and dads at school, showing them our learning and spending time with them in our classroom. Thank you for coming to visit us!


We are continuing to learn to blend our growing bank of phonemes to help us read and write words (unit 3 phonemes: v, w, y, z, j, n, k e and phonemes we have already learnt: s, m, c, t, g, p, a, o, r, l, d, b, f, h, i, u). We are learning to listen to all the phonemes in a word and write a letter for each one. We are starting to explore and experiment with phonemes and words using our whiteboard and magnetic letters.

Ask your child what phonemes they can hear in simple words such as ten, bin, wet, bond, best, swim.

We are also learning to use our phoneme and camera words to write sentences and to express our ideas. We are beginning to make the connection between our oral language and how it can be translated into written language. This is a lot of fun when we express our thoughts with pictures as well. We are starting to remember things like leaving spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end of a sentence.  

Ask your child what words they know;'”How can you draw that?”


Learning to count, identify numbers, and understand quantity are a few of the essential concepts that we have been learning over the last few weeks. A strong number sense is vital for future understanding of more complex math topics. We have been building our fluency with numbers by playing different games together such as ‘Around the World’ and ‘Buzz’. We really enjoy these games as repeated experiences build our understanding and fluency with numbers. 

Ask your child what comes next or after a given number like 5 or 15.

We have also been practicing our number formation. It is a skill, like writing our letters, that we need to practise. It is important that our numbers are written correctly so that they can be easily read. 

Ask your child to see what many numbers they can spot on the way home from school.


After discussing all the very cool animals we saw during our exciting incursion, we talked about pets and what pets need to stay alive. We identified if we had a pet at home and what kind of pet it was. Talking about our pets not only expands our vocabulary but encourages our students to think about animal welfare and what we do to take care of pets at home. We are making connections to what plants, pets and humans need to stay alive. 

Ask your child what pets need to stay alive.


Just a friendly reminder that students are not to bring any special toys to school. It is super exciting to show our toys to our friends but there is a high risk of the toy being lost or damaged. It can also be disruptive in our learning environment and can cause jealousy among the other students. We have lots of toys at school for students to explore and play with. Thank you for your support with this.

Prep Team

Erin Torres (Head of Prep), Renee Bauer, Kate Jackson, Vanessa Perry

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