[Secondary SRC] End of Term 2 Update

The Student Representative Council has been extremely busy this term, coming up with a myriad of ideas in every meeting. Over the past semester, we have composed the student newsletter- a newsletter ‘made by students, for students.’ Students across all of Secondary have contributed comics, jokes, articles and even study tips.

In addition to this, the SRC has elected five students to represent the school and participate in an ESF interschool competition, known as Natureworks. The competition stretches across nine months and involves several seminars, ‘office hours’ meetings, a training camp and an experiment. It aims to help students move towards a more eco-friendly learning environment and strive to be more environmentally cautious. So far, students have engaged with a multitude of seminars, including online lectures on saving energy, reducing waste and air quality.

This motivated us to take action and begin looking for areas around the school that could be more eco-friendly. After numerous meetings, we decided to focus on recycling and how our school can produce less waste or repurpose more. We were inspired by previous events that other AISHK students have hosted in previous years, such as Frayed, the fashion show that took place three years ago using recycled textiles. We discovered that our school has a few recycling bins, however, they are hidden in places that are inconvenient or where human traffic is low. To begin our experiment, students took photos of the garbage inside recycling bins three times during the day, over the course of a week. The recycling bins were then moved to places that are more convenient or accessible.

In addition to this, a meeting was held with an Australian recycling company called Aspire to give students an insight on how our school’s ‘waste’ can be repurposed elsewhere. They offer a service in which the waste we generate as a school can be exchanged to other companies, giving us profit in the long run while also allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and repurpose goods. After the summer break, students will continue assessing the school’s recycling process and look for ways to be more environmentally friendly. They will also visit Renaissance College during the second week of term to partake in a training camp, which will allow students to gain a better understanding of how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

On behalf of all the students in the SRC, we thank Mr Stapleton for being our supervisor and helping students achieve their goals.

Emma Loui | Year 11 Student