Year 1 News

Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 10

30 June 2021 Jen N 0

Here we are on our very last day of Term Two, Year 1 and we’ve been on campus full time for four weeks! It has indeed been a whirlwind of a semester!  It has seen our students writing descriptive and persuasive text, applying a wealth of reading comprehension strategies to thie daily reading routines and getting stronger and stronger by […Read more]


Happy Hong Kong Father’s Day to all AISHK Dads!

18 June 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

This Sunday is an opportunity for us to show gratitude to all fathers and grandfathers, wherever they may be, and to acknowledge the special and important part they play in our lives. Our school is certainly lucky to enjoy the support of AISHK Dads in so many ways. Please enjoy a special message from AISHK students along with a photo […Read more]


AISHK Shakespeare Festival 2021 Final Performances Recap

18 June 2021 Jen N 0

Last Friday, the first ever AISHK Shakespeare Festival culminated in an action filled competition final. There was a fantastic buzz and energy in the auditorium as 10 groups performed for the audience of Year 7 to 10 students, challenging themselves and entertaining the masses with the words of the Bard himself! The competition title of best group performance was taken […Read more]


[Head of Primary] Term 2 Week 10 Message

18 June 2021 Jen N 0

After a challenging start to the school year with the blended half day on campus and online learning, it has been a truly wonderful finish to the first half of the semester with all students on campus. The last month of full days with everyone on campus has created the buzz of energy that we associate with schools. The feeling amongst […Read more]

Parent Association

[Parent Association] Sales Continue on Holidays, New Stock!

18 June 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

Dear AISHK Parents, Welcome to the opening of the AISHK Parent Association e-Shop! As mentioned in our PA updates and General Meetings, the PA has been working on a creative and useful way to connect with AISHK culture and to foster a sense of school community, identity and belonging. Proceeds from e-Shop sales will go towards school enhancement projects for […Read more]

School Wide

[Secondary SRC] End of Term 2 Update

18 June 2021 Jen N 0

The Student Representative Council has been extremely busy this term, coming up with a myriad of ideas in every meeting. Over the past semester, we have composed the student newsletter- a newsletter ‘made by students, for students.’ Students across all of Secondary have contributed comics, jokes, articles and even study tips. In addition to this, the SRC has elected five […Read more]


Primary SRC Kids Corner: Week 10 Activities

18 June 2021 Jen N 0

Origami Heart Tutorial by Aashmi (3H) Carefully follow the video to create a beautiful origami heart. Treasure Map by Elizabeth (3E) See if you can find your way to the treasure! Why not have a go creating a real treasure hunt and map at home. See if your family and friends can find the treasure with your map! Find A […Read more]