Year 6 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

What a wonderful few weeks we have had here in Year 6. Jump Jam is officially up and running and it is nice to finally see our students moving and grooving alongside the much younger AISHK students. From Reception all the way up to the teachers, everyone was having a ball last Friday. 

A big congratulations to our Year 6 Battle of the Books competitors. Despite not winning this time around, our students put in an amazing effort and should be very proud of themselves. 

Writing to persuade continues to be our focus in English as students identify the structure, key parts and techniques in a range of persuasive texts. Students are learning to use this understanding to plan, draft and edit their own persuasive text. Our students are finessing their skills of effectively applying persuasive and emotive language, as well as supporting their arguments with strong evidence. In reading, we continue our focus on comprehension, as well as unpacking sentences and summarising in our own words to explore meaning.

In Mathematics, our Educational Entrepreneur unit came to a close this week with some fantastic board game creations, from Fraction-opoly to mini finger fraction twister. It was terrific to see our students engaged and going above and beyond to create the “next best” educational board game around – Mattel will be breaking down the doors! Next up in Maths this term, we will be moving into our Happy Hippos unit looking at the four operations, decimals, scale, area and perimeter. For extra practice, students are encouraged to revise their number facts and keep up with their Mathletics tasks which are used to reinforce the learning opportunities in class.

Students have been focusing on the longitude and latitude, as well as understanding the relative and absolute location of particular Asian countries. As we move through this unit, students continue to discover and explore the demographic, social and economic profiles of countries in Asia and continue building on and adding to the fact file cards that they created in the first few weeks of this term. 

Our exploration into Chemical and Physical changes continues as we move into solubles and mixtures. Students will continue to explore different states of matter that can be made reversible, focusing on melting, freezing and evaporating. More hands-on experiments to come, so be sure to keep an eye on your child’s Seesaw account!

Health and Year Level Sport
We have continued to learn more about healthy eating and exercise to help prevent lifestyle diseases in our weekly Health lessons. Students are working to create a presentation about their findings which includes a weekly food and exercise schedule. 

In our weekly year level sport, we have been preparing students for an athletics carnival later in the year with track and field events. Students have learnt correct positioning, form and movement in a range of sports including sprinting, javelin, discus and triple jump.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Parent Tour: Wednesday 2 June (Week 8)
  • Dental Scheme Visit: Tuesday 8 June (Week 9)
  • Peer Support Training Day: Wednesday 9 June (Week 9)
  • Parent Tour: Wednesday 16 June (Week 10)

Year 6 Team

Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Jodie Spencer, Emma Knight, Chris McCorkell

Primary Office: