Year 6 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 4

We have had such a wonderful start to this term! If you were to walk around the classrooms on the 5th floor you would see excited and engaged students and you’d hear chatter and compelling discussion. The banter and camaraderie in the mornings is especially delightful. It is a great part of the day as the students trade stories about all manner of things or just take some time for quiet reflection or preparation for the day ahead. The morning homeroom period is a great opportunity for us to find out a little more about the things that interest, excite and challenge the students. As you would no doubt appreciate, schools are very busy places and each day seems to fly by so we find these conversations in this first part of the day invaluable. The Year 6 team can’t thank you enough for having your child well-rested, well-organised and on time to tackle the challenges each day brings. 

A big congratulations to our Year 6 Battle of the Books champions who have now made it into the final which will take place on the 18th May! Fantastic effort by all!

Persuasion at it’s finest. Students have been revising important persuasive techniques and identifying them in articles and other forms of written communication. We have also been looking at the way persuasive writing is conducted and identifying common features often included such as: the attention getter, topic clarification, road map, the main and subpoints, as well as the transition signal, summary and call to action. The discussion coming out of these tasks has been incredible. Students are already learning to debate their point of view as they practise working collaboratively together. 

In Mathematics, the Educational Entrepreneur unit is coming to a close as we finish up with fractions and probability. Students are using their skills in probability to predict outcomes and explain these using fractions and percentages. As the students start designing their own board game, we have been providing some opportunities for them to play some classics here in the classroom helping to inspire them. Next up in Maths this term, we will be looking at the four operations, decimals, scale, area and perimeter. For extra practice, students are encouraged to revise their number facts and keep up with their Mathletics tasks which are used to reinforce the learning opportunities in class.

We continue our exploration through Asia and after lots of work identifying key features and locations, we are now moving into describing the location of places in both absolute and relative terms. It is wonderful observing students tapping into their prior knowledge and making connections with the world around them. 

In Science, we are currently looking at physical and chemical changes. Students are learning about what to look and listen out for when establishing whether a change is chemical or physical and if it will be reversible or not. Lots of experiments coming up and some involving the Secondary lab with our very own Dr Hill. Keep an eye out for photos on Seesaw!

A quick reminder that we are using SeeSaw at AISHK to showcase student work and assessment tasks. All parents are encouraged to sign up to view their child’s work throughout the term. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher.

ICT and Cyber Safety
The students are moving into their work with eSmart and will be completing their digital licenses throughout the term. Students will be exploring the following topics: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy and Searching and Researching.  

We strongly encourage you to initiate conversations with your child on the consequences of misuse of social media and how to best use these in the most positive way. If your child has social media, it is important that you have their passwords and be able to check their phones on a regular basis to help keep them safe. When working on their laptops or playing devices, it is a good idea to have them in an area where screens are visible. With such a large number of our students having access to social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Fortnight and Minecraft these conversations are vital. If your child is on social media, ask them to show you how it works and how best to stay safe when using it. 

More tips can be found in this article:

If you require assistance in monitoring your child’s social media use, please see this wonderful website from the Australian eSafety Commissioner:

We do not permit students access to their devices during a school day and understand that some students need to use phones to contact parents on their journey home. We continue to discuss safe and respectful ways of using social media in class through our ICT and health program as well as ongoing class discussions.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Battle of the Books Final (Week 6): Tuesday 18 May
  • Dental Scheme Visit (Week 9): Tuesday 8 June
  • Peer Support Training Day (Week 9): Wednesday 9 June

Year 6 Team

Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Jodie Spencer, Emma Knight, Chris McCorkell

Primary Office: