Year 5 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

The children have been very busy in class. Below is a quick recap of our learning and how you can support your child.


Students have completed writing an information report on a topic of their choice. Students will begin investigating infographics and will then use the online software Canva ( to create their own. An infographic is a collection of imagery and charts with minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly.

How can you support this at home? Ask your child to read you their informative report.


Our Maths Sideshow Alley exhibition this week was a huge success. Each Year 5 class had 6 groups creating their own ‘fishing game’. All 24 groups were set up in the auditorium, where the year 2s (as they are our buddy year group) came and participated in some of the games. The Year 5 students were able to consolidate their learning of probability, fractions, perimeter, data collection and analysis in a real-life situation. Our Buddy classes were also able to investigate probability, tally marks and graphing.

For the remainder of the term we will be focusing on multiplication and division. If your child has yet to master their multiplication facts, we advise learning one set at time. For example learning, 10s and then 5s. Once those are mastered you can follow the order as: 2s, 4s, 8s. Moving onto 3s, 6s, 9s. Finishing with the trickiest 7s!

Some of the concepts we will be covering are:

  • Factors and multiples to solve problems
  • Factor trees
  • Multiplication 4-digit x 1-digit
  • Multiplication 3-digit x 2-digit
  • Lattice method of multiplication
  • Division 3-digit ÷ 1-digit
  • Division with zeros
  • Division with remainders

How can you support this at home? Get your child to revise their times tables.


Students have been learning about how Australia has changed and been shaped since the arrival of the first fleet. We are focusing on the Gold Rush and how this impacted the population and demographics of various areas. For the next few weeks students in pairs will be investigating the experiences and contributions of various migrant groups (for example, Germans in South Australia, Japanese in Broome, Afghan cameleers in the Northern Territory, Chinese at Palmer River, Pacific Islanders in the Torres Strait)

How can you support this at home? Ask, “Why did people flock to Australia and what were the conditions like?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

Aaron Flugge (Head of Year 5), Rose Millington, Diana Toufeili, Mark Wnek

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