Year 5 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 4

The children have been very busy in class. Below is a quick recap of our learning and how you can support your child.


To assist with developing the students reading skills, we have started using something called SRA Reading Lab. This resource is self-guided and has leveled sections. It reinforces comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis, and study skills. The reading levels gradually increase in complexity, and selections gradually increase in word count to keep students challenged as they progress. It allows students to flourish into confident readers through reading content that ensures each student is working at the appropriate level and moving ahead at his or her own pace. It also engages their interests and increases their knowledge base by using a wide array of fiction and nonfiction selections. How can you support this at home? Ask your child about the variety of texts they have read so far.  


We have been learning about a range of topics including: probability, fair and unfair chance, equivalent fractions and perimeter in order to prepare for our investigation titled ‘Score a Duck’. Students will soon be creating their own version of this sideshow game. Designing their own sideshow alley game gives the opportunity to explore probability and likelihood in a real-world setting. They will be given further understanding of how games of chance work, enabling them to make more informed choices in their lives. In Week 6 we will be forming groups to create a mini game that will be setup in the auditorium for our Year 2 buddies to come and experience.  How can you support this at home? Ask how they can be sure competitors will return to their game. Ask what maths knowledge the sideshow operator of ‘Score a Duck’ needs to know to ensure they make a profit from their game.


We have continued our study of colonial Australia in the 1800s. Students have been learning about the reasons for the founding of British colonies in Australia and the impact of a development or event on one Australian colony. We have been examining what life was like for different groups of people in the colonial period, and exploring the reasons for their actions. Our class novel Biurrung and The Secret Friend by Jackie French have been a great compliment to this concept. In Library, students have also been introduced to the concept of sources as they analyse sources to compare information and points of view in the past and present. How can you support this at home? Ask how the colonial settlement changed the environment?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

Aaron Flugge (Head of Year 5), Rose Millington, Diana Toufeili, Mark Wnek

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