Year 4 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

We hope you enjoyed Buddha’s Birthday and got to spend some time out and about. This week sees us in the second half of Term 2, and we cannot wait to see the students back full-time, starting on Monday 24 May (Week 7). 


In English, we have been looking at determining the importance of what we read and write by finding the main idea. In reading, we can do that in many ways by doing things like checking the title of a book or chapter and finding repeated key words. In writing, we demonstrate the main idea by using topic sentences to explain the content of a paragraph and specific vocabulary to further illustrate ideas.

How can you support this at home? 

  • Read a book or chapter of a book together and see if you can find the main idea. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Look at age-appropriate headlines in newspapers and see if you can guess what the main idea of the story will be.


In Maths, we have been recording data on tables and thinking about the importance of organising information. It helps to organise your thinking and enables you to use information in different ways. 

How can you support this at home? 

  • Talk about all the things that it is helpful to organise (e.g. information, time, chores) and ways that you can do this (e.g. tables, diaries, lists, clocks etc.)
  • Make a table of all the jobs you have in a week e.g. sports activities, chores, homework etc.


In History, we have delved deep into why Britain wanted to colonise Australia in the 1700s, we have looked at life on the First Fleet, and we are moving on to look at life in Australia for Aboriginal people pre-colonisation. The children are reading the book A Friend for Grace by Sofie Laguna, a book about a child convict on the First Fleet. They are also creating questions, researching a variety of primary and decondary sources and comparing information and situations. We are looking at how diaries are a good source of information from the past.

How can you support this at home? 

  • Discuss your own family history.
  • Keep a daily diary for a week. 
  • Discuss famous diaries, such as The Diary of Anne Frank, First Fleet journals, and why they are important today.


We have had a gentle introduction to homework this week, with a reading grid that has a variety of activities from which the children can choose. The expectation is that they complete one of the squares in the grid each night as part of their nightly 20 minute reading time. Their reading should also be recorded in their diaries. You may wish to discuss the connection between recording their reading, how we use diaries, and organisation; as discussed in Maths and History.

Student Section in Dhanara

We have exciting news to share! The SRC students have put together a range of activities in Dhanara that children in Reception-Year 6 can complete at their leisure. As you have access to the newsletters, your child may be interested in completing some of these. There will be two activities available each week. Classes have been informed of this happening so hopefully your child will have fun completing them.  

Important Dates to Remember

  • Public Holiday, Dragon Boat Festival: Monday 14 June (Week 10)
  • Last day of Term 2: Friday 18 June (Week 10)

Year 4 Team

Kate Beange (Head of Year 4), Olivia Ashton, Benjamin Picker, Lesley Stewart

Primary Office: