Year 3 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

We had another fabulous week in Year 3. The children have been counting down the days until we go full time. Here’s how we’ve been spending our time.


In English, we completed our persuasive writing unit with a letter to Mr Kean or Mr West. Students chose to write a persuasive letter convincing their chosen leader to either employ them at AISHK, remove Zoom in the afternoons or introduce a three day weekend. Year 3 did a great job writing these and should be proud of their compelling efforts! We have now moved into looking at informative texts and distinguishing the difference between facts and opinions. Identifying subheadings in texts and creating our own has also been a focus! 

In grammar and punctuation we have been looking closely at adverbs to help give more detail to our verbs (e.g. quietly whispered) . We have also written our own contractions (‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’)  and explored the many homophones we find in everyday language and how we use them (‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’). 

Bringing school to home

  • Suggest a topic to your child and see if they can list you some facts and opinions about it. Can they identify subheadings in different texts?


In Mathematics, the children have been learning about the fractions ½, ⅓, ¼ and ⅕. First, they folded strips of paper into equal parts and labeled them. Next, the students got pieces of ‘pizza’ with different fractions and had to find other students to make a whole pizza. We also looked at fractions of squares and rectangles. After that, the children looked at fractions of groups of objects. For example, I had five cookies and ate two of them. What fraction of cookies did I eat? Finally, they began to learn how to write fractions on a number line. 

Bringing school to home

  • Bake a cake and cut it into different fractions. Discuss how each part must be equal. How many parts make a whole cake?


As Week 5 drew to a close, so did our Unit on Earth Sciences. Student’s recorded how their thinking has changed over the past few weeks and this has been added onto SeeSaw. Please take a look and talk to your child about their learning! 

This week we have commenced our unit on Biological Science. Students have made guesses about whether something was living, non-living or once alive. They went exploring on the Green Roof to search for living things, creating labelled diagrams of different specimens. We will be focusing on how we can group living things based on their observable features! 

Bringing learning home

  • Start hunting for living things and take opportunities to discuss the features of any living things. Does it have wings? Antennae? Feathers? 

Home Reading

The students have eagerly started their Home Reading tasks. We are particularly loving seeing the red tasks on Google Classroom.

Have an awesome weekend

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Simone Maclay

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