Year 3 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 4

Dear Parents,

Wow! Another week has whizzed by. Here is a rundown of the activities we have been doing in Year 3.


In English, we have been pulling all our persuasive writing skills together to create our first piece of writing. First we read a story called Mrs LaRue. It is about a dog, Ike, who has been sent to Obedience School by his owner Mrs LaRue. Ike writes letters to Mrs LaRue trying to persuade her to let him come home. The students pretended they were Mrs LaRue and responded to Ike, trying to persuade him of the behaviours he needed to change to be able to come home. We have also been co-constructing rubrics to help assess our persuasive writing and develop the skills to give helpful feedback to our peers

In Grammar and Punctuation, we have explored ways to include more than one clause in our sentences, the correct use of pronouns and when to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ before a noun.

Bringing school to home

  • You could discuss with your child a range of situations, or give them a statement e.g. “Children are allowed to wear mufti to school everyday.” and ask them to persuade you with what they prefer/agree/disagree with – can they come up with three strong arguments to support this?


In Mathematics, the students have been learning about Australian currency. They are practising addition of different amounts of money, using different coins and notes for equivalent values and calculating change for small transactions. The students have begun their iMaths investigation, ‘Big Spender’, where they have $1,000 to spend and have to buy presents for 10 people without going over their budget.

Bringing school to home

  • When you are out shopping, see if your child can calculate the change you need to receive after your purchase.


We have been busy in Science over the past week. Students have delved deeper into the question, “How does day and night occur?” by role playing the rotation of the Earth and its orbit around the Sun. Students were excited to create sundials by using paper plates and a gnomon. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to go and test our sundials and will continue to check the shadow at different times of the day throughout the week. Fingers crossed for more sun! We will be wrapping up our Earth Science topic this week and moving on to Biological Science in Week 5.

Bringing school to home

  • Where possible, observe shadows at home or when you are out and about. What time are they the longest? What time of the day are they the shortest? Can you tell the time by using your own shadow?

Year 3 Sport

This term we commenced Year 3 Sport by participating in a weekly rotation of athletics activities. The students have been practising their existing running, jumping and throwing skills. They are learning techniques for shot put, push throw, discus side throw and javelin overarm throw. The students are also learning sprint techniques and how to complete the long jump effectively.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Simone Maclay

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