Year 2 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 4

Dear Year 2 Parents,

Year 2 students have been hard at work, deep diving into their learning across the curriculum. Major highlights include constructing comics and comic book heroes with Ms Hunt in Visual Arts, learning invasion and team-based games in PE and Sport, and uncovering new research techniques and strategies when learning about how things fly in the Library. A huge congratulations to all of the Year 2 Playground Leaders who have maturely led Early Childhood play by helping others, managing a roster on the bikes and supporting students who can’t find friends. 

Today AISHK welcomed back Jump Jam for Years 1,2,4 and 5. This was a wonderful opportunity for all students to join their Year 5 buddy on the field for some fun dancing to start our Friday. 


In English, we have been focusing on the plot of a story and the three areas: beginning, middle and end. Students worked on creating a story map for The Gruffalo. We have also discussed characters and the need to use descriptive language when creating our own character. Year 2 began investigating another of Julia Donaldson’s books, ZOG. We have discussed similarities and differences between the two books and have realised that Julia  Donaldson uses rhyming words in many of her books.


In Maths, we have focused on subtraction including using the strategy of an empty number line to solve number sentences. Students were then challenged to apply this skill to solving word problems. Students focused on understanding the mathematical concept of ‘difference’; for example what is the difference between 20 and 34. 

Students have also developed their understanding of dates and the calendar. They have focused on the order of days, months and seasons, along with how many days in each of the months. 


Students have been acquainting themselves with some H20 investigations in their classrooms this fortnight. Inquiries with water included, exploring the upwards push of water and the reasons why certain objects float and sink. Students have continued to predict, observe and explain their thinking during investigations. We look forward to learning about different forces in the sky over the coming weeks.

Leadership Day

On Tuesday of Week 3, Year 2 students completed a fun-filled educational day all around the concept of leadership. They participated in role plays, team-building activities, problem-solving tasks and a quiz all around the idea of how to support others in leadership at the school. Some of the highlights included students visiting other classes, practicing how to be a leader to younger students and of course the fun that was had by all. Thank you to Mr Bird and the Year 2 teachers and support staff for a wonderfully successful day.

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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