Year 5 Maths Sideshow Alley Recap

The Year 5 Maths Sideshow Alley exhibition on Thursday, 20 May was a huge success. One of our mathematics investigations involves the students creating a ‘catch a duck fishing game’ (using cardboard images, paperclips, magnetic fishing rods and hoops). The objective of the game is to incorporate learning of probability, fractions and perimeter into a real-life situation. They will be given further understanding of how games of chance work, enabling them to make more informed choices in their lives.

Each Year 5 class had 6 groups creating their own ‘fishing game’. All 24 groups were set up in the auditorium, where the Year 2s (as they are our buddy year group) came and participated in some of the games. The Year 5 students were able to consolidate their learning. The Year 2s also coordinated their mathematics program so that they were learning about probability, tally marks and graphing.

House points and ribbons were the main prizes. Whilst the Year 2s were participating, the Year 5s recorded how many students won the various prizes and kept statistics on their game. Year 2 students had a prize sheet where they recorded how many 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th ribbon prizes they won. From the Year 5 statistics at the end, we had a house winner.

Final results:

  • 4th Waratah (5500 points)
  • 3rd Jacaranda (5700 points)
  • 2nd Wattle (6100 points)
  • 1st Eucalypt (6200 points)

You could certainly feel the buzz and excitement in the air. The Year 5 and  Year 2 students were engaged and involved. The excitement for Year 2 continued all afternoon and they were able to use the activity for some data calculations and graphing. It was great to see the maturity of the Year 5s as they helped out their little buddies and encouraged all of the Year 2s to get involved.

A huge thank you to Ms Kitty Wong for setting everything up – she was crucial in the day running very efficiently.

The Year 5 Team