Primary SRC Kids Corner: Week 7 Activities

The SRC Students are beginning a new project which starts tomorrow in the Dhanara Newsletter. They have created student friendly activities for students in R-6 to complete and have a go at. The activities range from word finds and comics, to dance videos and quizzes (and much more). There will be two activities in Dhanara each week. It would be great if you could please pass this information onto your class so that they can look out for the activities in Dhanara. Given that Dhanara is sent out to parents, we would love if you were able to please mention this in your Friday email so that they are also aware.

Lemonade Recipe by Elizabeth (3E), Emma (5F) and Lucy (4A)

Cool off in this hot weather by making your own refreshing lemonade!

Find a Word by Cody (3H), Dylan (5W), Jed (5M) and Oliver (5W)

Have a go at our Jump Jam themed word find. Goodluck! You can download a PDF copy to print here.