[Head of Primary] Term 2 Week 4 Message

It has been a fantastic start to Term 3 with students being on campus every day since the start of term. Certainly the highlight for me is the opportunity to greet students in the morning as parents drop their children off at the front door. For most students, they are quick to bounce up the stairs, eager to start their day. It is truly a delight to watch! Students and teachers are adjusting to the half day and then Zoom in the afternoon very well with the online classes being refined to improve the quality of the learning for the students. Importantly, most hands-on specialist lessons are face-to-face (i.e. P.E, Visual Arts and Music) and every teacher will see each student they teach at least once a fortnight. Whilst, we are currently at full capacity with what we are allowed on campus at the moment, we are looking forward to having students back on campus full time when the government allows that option to be available to us.

Jump Jam Returns for Term 2

It was great to see Years 1,2,4 and 5 enthusiastically dancing on the field this morning for the first Jump Jam of 2021! Special thanks to the SRC students for leading everyone with the moves to some Jump Jam classics like ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. On a rotational basis, the other year levels will have their turn next week.

Parent-Primary Leaders Discussions   

Earlier this term, the School provided parents with an opportunity to meet, by year level, with the Primary Leadership Team at school. These informal discussions about school life also welcomed any questions parents may have and built further connections between parents and the leadership team. As a leadership team, Donna Botfield, Chris Bird and myself found these discussions very beneficial and we really enjoyed connecting with parents in an informal manner. We always encourage dialogue between parents and the School and we welcome parents to contact us should they have any questions or concerns.

School Tours for Current Parents            

We are pleased to announce that we will be running school tours for current parents to provide opportunities for parents to see their child in their classroom environment and see the school in action. We are really excited about the prospect of having parents back on campus again to share in their child’s learning experiences. These tours will take place in small groups and requirements will be put in place to ensure the health and safety of the students. More information will be sent out to Reception-Year 6 parents next week.

SRC and Environmental Leadership Assembly

It was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge our new SRC and Environmental Committee members at a small assembly shared with parents. Having had limited opportunities to share these moments with parents, there were many proud students and parents in the Auditorium. We also live streamed the assemblies which was viewed by students in the classroom, grandparents in Hong Kong and Australia and many other people in other places around the world. We look forward to Ms Elliott working with the SRC and Ms Ashton working with the Environmental Committee this year to make AISHK a better place for everyone.

Reintroduction of Homework

With much of the students’ learning having taken place at home since 2020, we had moved away from homework as it was difficult for the students to identify the difference between homework and online learning. Now that we are back at school on a daily basis, we are looking at reintroducing homework from Week 6 onwards for Years 3-6 in a modified version to begin with. To start, the aim of the homework is going to be based on establishing routines around homework and promoting reading at home. The teachers have some new and creative ideas to engage the students in this and we will be trialing some new approaches to homework. Please note this will be a modified introduction to help students get back into the routine again. Years 3-6 teachers will communicate to parents about what this will look for students. Prep-Year 2 will continue to focus on reading through the take home levelled books system we have in place for them.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary