[Head of Primary] Parent Tours and Classroom Visits        

We have begun our parent tours and they have been thoroughly enjoyed by students, parents, and teachers. Parents have been spending about 20-25 minutes in the classroom interacting with their child and getting an insight into the classroom environment. Students have been engaging in activities with their parents, showing off their schoolbooks and proudly giving tours of the classroom. Alongside that, we have also been giving parents school tours around the campus of the different learning spaces student use throughout the week.

It has been wonderful to have parents back on campus and even more so, seeing parents in the classroom with their child again. The classrooms have had a great buzz and students are genuinely excited about seeing parents in the classroom again. It has created a level of excitement that has not been seen for a while!

We still have tours and class visits left for most year levels so please sign up if you are interested. Click here to sign up with your Parent Credentials.

We will continue to look at ways of bringing parents back on to campus in a safe manner that adheres to any regulations that are in place.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary