Author Nathan Luff Visits Year 5 Class

Last year, Ruby March (5T) created a unique and original book trailer featuring a book from the 2020 CBCA Notables. As part of her prize for winning the CBCA Book Trailer Competition, Ruby won a special class visit from author Nathan Luff. Having made some predictions and inferencing about his work on his book, The Nerd Herd, the students had the chance to ask him questions regarding his inspirations and top tips.

We learned that Mr Luff loved the authors, Charles Dickens and Roald Dahl, and that he gained a lot of inspiration from his own life growing up on a farm with four brothers. He spent most of his time telling stories which made him realise that he had ‘a story-telling problem’. The only remedy for his ‘problem’ would be to become a writer. He is also a music and drama teacher having studied theatre at university.

Mr Luff shared his top tips which included:

  1. Create characters with strengths and weaknesses. Then bully them in your writing so they overcome their weaknesses by relying on their strengths.
  2. Take inspiration from your own experiences (good and bad), keep a note-pad ready for ideas and consider what would happen if things didn’t go to plan. Play a game of ‘what if…”
  3. Research! Before you can write descriptive pieces you need to have good knowledge of what things might look like, behave like and sound like. It’s okay not to know everything at first, but with good research, you can find out!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 40-minute session with this wonderful author and are looking forward to his books arriving in our library soon.

Diana Toufeili | 5T Teacher