[Parent Association] Father’s Month & Photo Submission

2021 Father’s Month

Father’s Day, celebrated in Hong Kong on 20 June, is just around the corner! It’s our AISHK dads’ turn to for a chance to enjoy some great food and wonderful company! Hot on the heels of the very successful Mother’s Month series at the same venue in May, Father’s Month is a great chance to catch up with other AISHK dads, or if you are new to the community, to make some new parent connections. Click here for the event flyer.

The Parent Association have arranged the following event:

Father’s Day Dinners | 6pm – 10pm |  BBQ Grill | $598 per person

  • Friday 18 June in the Marquee | 2 groups of 20 persons with divider
  • All events are subject to the according distancing regulations in place at the time of the event.

Register for a Father’s Day Dinner!

Register your attendance to the Father’s Day event online here. In the registration form, please indicate your preferred payment method.

Payment Methods

  • By PayMe | Payment to AISHK PA: 9823 2608
  • By Bank Transfer | Please send record of bank transfer to aishkpa@aishk.edu.hk

Account Name: The Australian International School Foundation Limited
Account Number: 015-514-40-56455-9 (Note: The first 3 digits represent the bank number)
Bank Name: The Bank of East Asia Limited
Bank Address: 10 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong
Swift Code: BEASHK HH

All dads are welcome to submit a photo to be included in a Father’s Day Video!😊

The Development Office is producing a video to celebrate Father’s Day this year! We’re accepting submissions of AISHK students with their fathers (it could also be grandfathers, or any father-like figures in your family). These photos will then be included in a photo montage video. Please share your photos via this form by no later than Friday 4 June. If you have any queries or concerns, please email Marketing Communications Coordinator jen_ng@aishk.edu.hk. Please email aishkpa@aishk.edu.hk should you have any queries about any PA activities.

Best wishes,
Joanna Hartnett | President, AISHK Parent Association
For and on behalf of the AISHK Parent Association