Year 6 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

We hope all Year 6 families enjoyed their break away from school and had a happy and healthy first term break. We have many engaging learning opportunities for all students this term and we have been excited to get started. Week 1 this term witnessed Year 6 students reunited with stories of their adventures around Hong Kong and tales of fun-filled holidays. The teachers have been particularly pleased with how quickly all students have returned to school; ready to learn and engage in our units of study. 

Students are currently learning the art of persuasion. We have been revising important persuasive techniques and have begun immersing students in a range of texts to persuade including imagery, film, television, written, spoken. This will lead us nicely into our public speaking program where students will learn to develop the student’s ability to write and present speeches using intonation, eye contact, confidence and projection. The students have been providing each other with written feedback to help support their homework this week.

In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on fractions including finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions as well as converting fractions to decimals and percentages and the probability of chance. We will be starting our investigation ‘Educational Entrepreneurs’ over the next two weeks. For extra practice, students are encouraged to keep up with their Mathletics tasks which are used to reinforce the learning opportunities in class.

This term we will be honing in on our ‘Asian Neighbours’. Our unit involves researching the similarities and differences in economic, demographic and social characteristics of countries in Asia and coming to an understanding of how places, people and cultures differ across the world. Students will learn to use a range of geographical tools and will then create choropleth maps to show information collected. 

Our Science unit started off with a bang- well, more like a slow moving eruption of foam, but it was still very exciting! Students began their unit on Chemical and Physical Science, focusing on reversible and irreversible changes with an experiment called ‘Elephant toothpaste’. The entire cohort eagerly sat on the field to witness the chemical reaction brought on by mixing hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing liquid and potassium iodide (photos and more information can be found on Seesaw) Over the next few weeks, you are bound to hear about the scientific experiments taking place to investigate this topic further.

Peer Support Training Day
Our Peer Support Program will be returning in Term 3. The Year 6 students will be leading their own group of 6-8 students from Prep through to Year 5 in a series of lessons. This program gives our Year 6 students a wonderful opportunity to connect with younger students, lead them in a structured social skills program as well as being a positive role model within the school. The Peer Support program is a student favourite and one which all students have been looking forward to this year, now that we have our students back on campus. 

In Week 9 of Term 2, all Year 6 students will participate in a Peer Support Training Day where they will brainstorm their understanding of leadership, how to be a positive role model and then practise their skills in managing students of many different ages. With lots of discussion and practice scenarios, our students will feel much more confident about running Peer Support sessions in Term 3. 

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Week 3 (Friday 30 April, 8.30-9.30am): Yr 6 Parent Welcome Session
  • Week 4: School photos

Year 6 Team

Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Jodie Spencer, Emma Knight, Chris McCorkell

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