Year 5 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

Welcome to the start of Term 2. Below is a quick recap of our learning so far and how you can support your child.


Students have been introduced to informative texts. They have identified the purpose of informative texts and listed the various types, such as recipes, reports, news articles, signs and instructions. Students then made comparisons between imaginative text features and that of informative text features. They identified facts as an important aspect of informative texts.  How can you support this at home? Ask your child to explain the difference between facts and opinions.


So far this term we have covered some stand alone topics, they are ‘Flip, slide, turn’ and ‘Enlargement of properties’. We will now start our next investigation called ‘Score a Duck’. 

In this investigation students are designing a sideshow alley game. The objective of the game is to incorporate their learning of probability, fractions and perimeter into a real-life situation. How can you support this at home? Ask your child about how they will design their game or the prizes they would want to include.


This term, we are exploring colonial Australia in the 1800s. We started the unit by analysing archaeological remains discovered in the Mungo Mungo National Park, Australia. Through this activity, students developed a more thorough understanding of the original custodians of the land and the unique relationship they had with the land. Continuing on from this, we launched into the situation that was unfolding in England (Industrial Revolution) and the journey of the First Fleet. We hypothesized about what the conditions of the journey would have been like for so many trapped below deck. How can you support this at home? Ask your child why Australia was chosen as a new settlement for England.  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

Aaron Flugge (Head of Year 5), Rose Millington, Diana Toufeili, Mark Wnek

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