Year 3 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

Welcome to the first newsletter for Term 2. It promises to be a jam-packed term.  Below is a quick recap of our learning this term and some discussion ideas of how you can support your child.


In Mathematics we have been investigating 3D shapes. The shapes we have been looking at are cubes, rectangular prisms, square based pyramids, triangular pyramids and triangular prisms.

Bringing school to home

  • Does your child know the difference between a prism and pyramid?
  • Can they tell you and/or show you what a face, edge or corner is on a 3D shape?
  • Can they find 3D shapes in the environment and count the number of faces, edges and corners in each shape?


In grammar and punctuation we have been looking at alphabetical order and using a dictionary to help improve our writing. We have also been learning about the different types of sentences, and how together they can be combined to make paragraphs.

In English, we have been introduced to what an author’s purpose is when they are writing. We understand that it is to either persuade, inform or entertain (PIE). This week we have delved deeper into persuasive writing and we have explicitly looked at the text, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. This book has helped us develop an understanding of how emotive language, rhetorical questions and modality words persuade a reader.

Bringing school to home

  • What are ‘Hamburger Paragraphs’, and why are they called that?
  • What is the author’s purpose when you come across different types of texts (books, posters, tv ads, songs)?
  • Challenge:  Find a rhetorical question and give you an example!


This term, students will study Science and it has already been a busy start! Students were asked to explain their current understanding about how day and night occurs by creating annotated illustrations in their Science journals. They discussed the size and scale of the Sun, Earth and the Moon and used concrete objects to develop their understanding of why the Sun and the Moon look to be similar in size when viewed from Earth. Students have started to consider why shadows are different shapes throughout the day and have played shadow tag to become familiar with their own shadow.

Bringing school to home 

  • How do day and night occur?

Important Reminders

  • Week 4: School photos. More information to follow.

Year 3 Team

Rachel Collins (Head of Year 3), Kate Elliott, Jennifer Harbottle, Simone Maclay

Primary Office: