Year 2 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Year 2 have settled into their new timetable and routine with flexibility and enthusiasm. The Year 2 Teachers have been very impressed with the high level of work and application from all students. Over the past two weeks, Year 2 have enjoyed catching up with each other at recess time, spending time with their Year 5 buddies and beginning our different units of work for this term. On Tuesday we had our first assembly for the term where we celebrated the wonderful achievements of students across the grade. 


We have begun our Term focusing on books written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Our first book is ‘The Gruffalo’ where students have engaged in visualisation activities, drawing the Gruffalo using only the descriptions included in the book as a guide. We have also been studying the characters Julia Donaldson creates and why she creates them like this. Students have been very engaged in English classes as we dive deeper into each text and discuss the language features, such as rhyme and repetition. Year 2 have created their own character that the little mouse meets in the deep dark woods and have made some creative rhyming sentences.


In Maths we have continued developing understanding of addition. The students have focused on using numberless number lines as a strategy to add larger numbers. They have also been learning how to use a numberless number line to solve equations with a missing number; for example 62 + ___ = 87. We have also focused on time and learning how to read and write time to the quarter hour on an analogue clock, with some children extending themselves to the digital conversions.  


Year 2 has begun learning about push and pull forces in the Physical Sciences unit for this term. The students have enjoyed playing with a variety of toys and applying a new way of thinking about what makes the toys move and change shape. The students are excited to begin their investigations and apply their new learnings to water and air next!

Leadership Day

The Year 2 Teachers are excitedly preparing for the Leadership Day this Tuesday 27 April. Students will wear their sports uniform and participate in a range of leadership and team-building activities to get them ready for their time as a Playground Leader this term. 

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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