Year 2 Newsletter | Term 1 Week 8

Dear Parents,

In English, students have been enhancing their writing skills using exciting adjectives and expressing their feelings and emotions. Year 2 students have also been putting in practice their knowledge of past tense verbs, ensuring their writing uses accurate past tense language. It has been amazing to see the improvement in students’ written texts, as they focus on and become more aware of the reader when crafting their writing. During our weekly phonic lessons, students have been saying and writing the phoneme ‘f’. They have discovered there are four different ways we can make the ‘f’ sound when writing; f/ff/ph/ugh. They have been identifying words that contain the ‘f’ sound and using them in sentences. Year 2 have been continuing to learn and spell their camera words, making some of the most beautiful ‘spellamadoodles’ while practising these words.

In Mathematics, students have been deep diving into the world of ‘place value’ as we have explored two and three and in some cases four digit numbers. Taking full advantage of more in-class time this week, students have been playing place value games and using the MAB blocks and dice to explore different numbers. We have also started to look at how to use place value to split up numbers when adding them. Feel free to ask your child to add two digit numbers by splitting up the tens and the ones and then adding them together. Next week, we will be looking at data and creating graphs.

In History, we have been investigating how changes in technology have influenced our lives. We have focused on changes in the telephone, mail, calculators, cameras and music devices. Next week we will conclude our History unit, ready to move onto a Science focus in Term 2. 

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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