Year 2 Newsletter | Term 1 Week 6

Dear Parents,

In English, Year 2 is continuing to learn new sounds each week. During our Phonics lessons students have been introduced to the r/rr/wr graphemes and have been using them to represent the ‘r’ sound when writing words. The most recent phoneme they are learning is oi/oy. Students have also been introduced to Year 2 camera words. Camera words are those words that are unable to be sounded out and students must take a ‘camera shot’ of the word using their mind.

Also in English, Year 2 have been identifying verbs in different texts, demonstrating verbs through games of Charades and Simon Says, as well as transferring this knowledge to areas of their writing. Students have continued to write recounts, embedding the parts of speech they have learnt each week to improve and enhance their writing. 

In Mathematics, Year 2 have continued with their daily number revision. They are improving with their friends of 10 addition and communication of how numbers can be added and subtracted. Students were introduced to the ‘toothpick problem’ which asked them to apply their knowledge of 2D shapes, addition and patterns to explain their mathematical thinking. Students worked diligently in showing their understanding by acting out the problem, drawing it in a table and using the guess and check method to solve the problem. Allowing for problems which combine mathematical concepts promotes creative thinking and provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in a wider context to more real-world mathematical situations. 

In History, we have been inquiring into how people’s lives were similar and different in the past. We learnt to construct a simple timeline to show changes over time.  We made timelines to show changes in books as well as changes in telephones over time. 

Assessment forms an integral part of our teaching and learning programs. Over the past few weeks, students have been completing assessments in Spelling, Reading, Writing and Mathematics to ensure that we tailor our lessons to the needs of each individual student. Assessment will be ongoing throughout the year as we assess for learning.

We have also been doing some beautiful art work in class to help to create an exciting learning environment. As well as this, some Year 2 classes have had the pleasure of meeting their buddies this week. With both Year 5 and Year 2 classes on campus at the same time, the students enjoyed getting to know their older friends and working together during the week.

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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