Prep Newsletter | Term 1 Week 6

Dear Parents,

Wow! We are already at the end of Week 6. Over the past fortnight the Prep children have been very busy bees at school.


The children are continuing to learn their camera words, and blend their phonemes to make words and segment sounds to sound out words to spell. Students have been building their phonological awareness through activities that require them to hear, identify and say the separate parts of words, such as rhymes. We’ve been reading many rhyming books and stories and have been coming up with our own rhyming words. Ask your child to think of words that rhyme, such as, “What other words sound like car?”


Students have been learning to connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, up to 20 and subitise small collections of objects. They have enjoyed playing games and working through independent and collaborative tasks. These activities are building their mathematical language, ability to count and write numbers and name and sort numbers in sequences. Ask your child, “How high can you count?”


The children have been learning about the weather in Science. They have been creating weather symbols and are practising ways to describe the weather.

In History, the children have been looking at their families and learning about their personal history. They have enjoyed discussing learning about one another including who the people in their family are, as well as where they were born and raised.

Home Reading

We will begin sending readers home next week. We encourage students to read a story more than once and discuss it with a family member. We understand that some students are eager to read more than one story per evening but due to numbers available, we can only send home one reader per night. If your child has other books at home, please encourage them to read, read, read!

Your child reading to you is meant to be an exhibition of their success, they should be proud and confident to show you their skills. The readers coming home should be achievable for your child, and are not meant to stretch them but to consolidate their reading skills. When your child’s reader comes home, there will be some tips on how to best support your child at home. You will also notice that some books have little to no words. These books give your children the chance to be the author and create their own story. Some books will also be reinforcing the phonics sound patterns that we are learning in class. 

Important Reminders

  • Please make sure your child’s diary remains in the plastic pocket (Diary Bag) for protection and return every day they are on campus.
  • For our on campus days, students only need to bring their diary in the Diary Bag. No other resources for online learning need to be sent in unless requested.

Prep Team

Erin Torres (Head of Prep), Renee Bauer, Kate Jackson, Vanessa Perry

Primary Office: