Update on Sport in Hong Kong and at AISHK

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a change in the energy around school and Hong Kong – sport is back! Parents and students alike have been able to engage in sport trainings and exercise again, reconnecting with team mates, and embracing the flood of endorphins that exercise brings. The wellbeing of the Hong Kong people will certainly start trending more positively as many of our physical, social and emotional needs are met.

As you are aware, the commencement of sport and activities has not been extended to schools yet with the enforcement of the half-day structures, but we are certainly keeping a close eye on the progress made around our city and will be ready to go when we are able to do so safely. AISHK has a great relationship with the other international schools in Hong Kong, along with our tight association to the ISSFHK and HKPSSA, we are always communicating on how we can provide opportunities that can be safely executed by our students. Currently, our students can participate in the HKPSSA Virtual Cross Country Challenges and ISSFHK Virtual Golf Tour 2021 while we actively plan for more in the coming months.

So, with the situation as it is, we encourage our students (and families) to get involved in sport wherever they can around the city. Join your local clubs and associations, try something new, or reignite old passions. If you are unsure where or how to access certain sports, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. A great starting point could be with some of our external providers, who we have close partnerships with and are back up and running with their clubs and associations. Please see below for details of some of our sporting partners.

Auskick Hong Kong

Auskick HK have four clubs established around the regions of Hong Kong. Auskick work closely with AISHK during our annual HKPSSA Invitational AFL tournament, normally held in November. Registration for the 2021 season is now open, please see details on their website: auskickhk.com


Befitsport have been running/coaching the Basketball ECA at AISHK for several years to complement our internal Basketball program. Our students also represent the Befitsport organisation under the ‘Wombats Basketball’ brand. For basketball coaching and matches please visit their website or Befitsport Basketball Program.


Asia Pacific Soccer Schools have coached hundreds of AISHK students over the years are now currently running Soccer sessions. For more information and registration, please see their website: www.apsoccer.hk

Our students are involved in many sports clubs all over Hong Kong, and often we have strong established relationships with them. If you are looking for a specific sport or club and need some assistance in connecting with the right people, please get I touch with the Director of Sport & Activities, Tim Tait (timothy_tait@aishk.edu.hk)

Tim Tait Director of Sports and Activities