The HKPSSA ‘Across Country Challenge 2021’: The New Zealand Challenge

A fantastic turn around in participation last week, with 55 entries from students, parents and staff for the Hong Kong leg of the HKPSSA Across Country Challenge. This combined effort totalled 1118km which is huge and is approximately 25 times around Hong Kong Island. Congratulations to our students and parents who also represented their year groups and classes. Year 3 came out on top by a good margin and it was 3M that topped all classes with 549km.

Please see the results on the HKPSSA website which includes a school leader board and individual leader boards:

Challenge #4: The NEW ZEALAND Challenge (final leg)

The New Zealand Challenge, which runs from Monday 15 March through to Sunday 21 March, 2021, will be our final event. We will continue to challenge the classes to contribute the most kilometres. Can 3M retain their title?

It is very simple to get involved. The event encourages students, parents and staff to get out and run as many kilometres over the week (15-21 March). They then simply fill out the entry form below at the end of the week. It’s not about speed so walking and jogging is also okay. Some may even want to try clocking up some kilometres inside or on their building stairwells. The distances will all be collated as a school and added to the new HKPSSA website.

To enter the Hong Kong Challenge, please complete this form by the end of Monday 22 MarchThe New Zealand Challenge Entry Form.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the running challenges: HKPSSA ‘Across Country’ Challenge 2021

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Director of Sport & Activities, Tim Tait (

Tim Tait Director of Sports and Activities