The HKPSSA ‘Across Country Challenge 2021’: The New Zealand Challenge Results

The final leg of the HKPSSA ‘Across Country Challenge’ was the New Zealand leg, and we had our highest participant numbers with over 70 students, parents and staff which was fantastic. This combined effort totalled 1867km which is huge and is approximately 1.2 times the length of New Zealand.

An enormous effort from all individuals and families that got involved, with our impressive Year 3’s once again recruiting family members to join them on their running adventures and taking out the year group title again with a whopping 1158km. Champions 3M doubled their efforts from the HK leg, however, fierce rivals, 3E have come out firing to take the final ‘Kiwi’ leg with a huge 628km!!!

A superb effort from all individuals, and a special mention to Cooper Glanville who has contributed the most kilometres over the series.

Total AISHK kilometres: 1867km which approx. 1.2 times the length of NZ

Top year group: Year 3 with 1158km

Top class: 3E with 628km

Top overall individual: Cooper Glanville (6J)

Please see the results on the HKPSSA website which includes a school leader board and individual leader boards:

We hope to provide further opportunities to run in the near future, and if the current restriction ease, then we could launch our running ECA.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Director of Sport & Activities, Tim Tait (

Tim Tait Director of Sports and Activities