[Library] Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021

This week we launched the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) 2021. Parents and Caregivers should have received an email with your child’s log in details and key information. This year, we aim to have all students in Primary (Prep-Year 6) complete the Challenge, and by doing so, they will receive a special certificate from Australia!

During Library borrowing, all students were encouraged to borrow a Premier’s Reading Challenge book and we hope with the upcoming holidays, these can be read and added to their online Reading Log. Use this site to log in.

The AISHK Premier’s Reading Challenge 2021 Guide can be found here. The guide includes answers to frequently asked questions.

Please contact your child’s class teacher or the library staff (library@aishk.edu.hk) should you have any queries.

Many thanks for your support.

We wish you all a very relaxing break and a Happy Easter!

Nicole Atkins | Primary Teacher Librarian