[Deputy Head of Primary Message] End of Term 1 Message

An amazing term of learning draws to a close today. Never have we experienced a term like Term 1, 2021. Congratulations to all of our students from Reception to Primary, who have come to school with positivity and enthusiasm for learning. As teachers, we are incredibly proud on a daily basis.

There have been many fantastic learning activities this term, not only in homeroom classes. The children have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with their buddy classes, music rooms have been filled with tunes, artworks have been created, PE and sport activities have kept everyone active and new vocabulary is being learnt in Chinese classes. 

Across classes in upper Primary, students have engaged more deeply with curriculum as they have explored and been guided in inquiry learning tasks. This resulted in some very entertaining and interesting presentations in Year 5 and 6 classrooms this term. I have had the privilege of watching some of these presentations in which I have learnt much about life beyond earth including the distance between the planets to the sun and their order and mass. Year 6 invited me to the world of microorganisms. I learnt about things such as Demodex mites which live on our faces and was horrified to learn how much bacteria is on our mobile phones. Some tricky Kahoot questions put me out of the leaders podium too. Thank you to these students who have shared their learning with me.

SRC and Environmental Committee nominations for Years 3-6 have been running for the past week with voting concluding today. Students have been notified of their class representatives and these will be shared with the school community next term. This has been a fun process in which students have nominated themselves by creating a 90 second video sharing information about themselves for their classmates to vote for their chosen representative. It has been wonderful to see our students strive to be leaders within the school. For those students who missed out on one of the positions, please be assured there are many ways to display leadership at AISHK. Our programs encourage leadership and growth and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in helping at school. A good example of this has the introduction of the Mini Duke awards this term. Many keen students have signed up to participate, with some students already completing their first tasks. It has been fabulous to hear stories of student successes when learning a new skill.

This year the school will not be scheduling NAPLAN testing in 2021 due to the variability of campus attendance since the start of 2021. Should you have any questions please enquire through the Primary Office.

Today we farewelled some families from AISHK. We wish them well with their next adventures and would like to wish all of our families a wonderful holiday. I hope that the Easter bunny delivers lots of chocolate!







Donna Botfield | Deputy Head of Primary