Year 5 Newsletter | Term 1 Week 4

With Week 4 coming to an end, here’s a quick recap of our learning and how you can support your child.


In English this term we have gathered extra support and are running small focused guided reading groups. These small groups develop reading fluency and comprehension skills by thoughtfully unpacking sentences to bring the text alive. You may hear the term ‘roadblocks’ mentioned regularly. We use this term after reading a passage to decipher any words that the students do not understand. After your child has read, ask them, “Were there any roadblocks?”

We have also been reading our class novel, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Each student has access to a PDF copy of the book on their Google Classroom. However, many students prefer a hard copy to read, and we would encourage you to print or purchase a copy if your child would benefit from this. Ask your child what has happened in the story so far.

Students have been learning about how to structure and write a text that entertains the reader (primarily narrative). We have revisited that structure of a narrative and plotted the main events of using story graphs. Over the next few weeks the focus will be developing sizzling starts, tightening tension, dialogue and ending with impact. Ask your child about the story graph structure!


We have started an investigation titled ‘If I was a Martian’. Students have to research the distances of the planets from the sun and write about what their life would be like if they lived on Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter. It gives students an insight into the vast distances between planets and encourages them to use maths to help understand these big ideas. Students will be learning about rounding numbers, multiplication (4-digit x 1-digit), place value beyond millions and to thousandths. Write or point out a large number to your child and ask them to tell you the value of individual numbers in it i.e. 64 579, 380.612 – what is the value of the 8 or 2?


Students are well underway with their Science investigation. They are preparing to present to their peers in the coming week. The investigation will allow the students to broaden their understanding of how the Earth is part of a system of planets that orbit the Sun. Ask your child where they are up to with their presentations. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

Aaron Flugge (Head of Year 5), Rose Millington, Diana Toufeili, Mark Wnek

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