Year 4 Newsletter | Term 1 Week 4

We hope you enjoy reading what we have been learning in Year 4. It also has questions and activity suggestions that you can use to prompt your child about their learning. It is packed full of important information about upcoming events.

On Campus fun

It was so fantastic to see the Year 4 students on campus on Thursday! There was an excited buzz throughout the Year 4 classrooms as students enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers. We are very much looking forward to seeing them again on Wednesday and Friday of Week 5.


Year 4 students have begun exploring and experimenting with word play. Over Term 1, we will explore how authors play with words and language and what impact that has on the reader. Students will also experiment with a range of word play devices in their own writing such as alliteration, neologisms, spoonerisms and idioms. One perfect example of an author that does this well is Roald Dahl. This term we will be highlighting techniques he uses in the story The BFG.

How can you support this at home? Talk to your child about The BFG. What interesting words have they found? What nonsense made up words have they found? What do they like about Roald Dahl’s writing?


Our focus areas in Mathematics this term are multiplication, division and problem solving skills. Over the term, students will learn and use a range of strategies to find multiples and divide numbers then apply that knowledge in problem solving tasks. Our hope is that students feel more confident and comfortable with their times tables by learning HOW to find the answer, rather than just expecting it to pop into their heads.

How can you support this at home? Encourage your child to tell you about the multiplication strategies they have explored so far. Ask your child to show you proof that e.g. 3 x 4 = 12


We are well under way with our biological sciences unit which is all about living things, their life cycles and creatures’ relationships with each other. Year 4 students have chosen a bird, frog or insect and used research skills to find information about their species. Next they will compare their findings with a peer and consider how living things are connected through food webs.

How can you support this at home? Ask your child to share their research about a frog, bird or insect. Encourage them to compare that information to another animal they know a lot about.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Please carefully read the Year 4 on campus timetable shared via email
  • Week 7: Parent-Teacher interviews
  • Week 9 (Friday 26th March): Last day of term

Year 4 Team

Kate Beange (Head of Year 4), Olivia Ashton, Benjamin Picker, Lesley Stewart

Primary Office: