Year 2 Newsletter | Term 1 Week 4

Dear Year 2 Parents,

Happy Year of the Ox to you all. 

In Mathematics over the past two weeks, Year 2 have been exploring patterns. Firstly using household items, looking at shapes and blocks and then moving on to number patterns; investigating how much each pattern increases and decreases by and then using their number skills to predict the next number. Each day we continue to develop students’ numeracy through number warm ups. These little activities, like magic numbers and using number thinking boards, are a great way to build students’ confidence with numbers and understanding the patterns and connections that can be made between numbers. One idea to support your child over the next two weeks is to ask them to count up or down from a number under 100 by 2s, 5s or 10s.

In Literacy we have been revising our camera words and long vowel sounds, reinforcing and consolidating students’ prior knowledge from Year 1. We have also been looking at parts of speech and have been using texts to support student’s understanding of this. Year 2 students have been using their own books from home to search for and locate particular parts of speech and share these with their peers; practising their speaking and listening skills in whole class situations and in breakout rooms. In Writing Year 2 have been focusing on capital letters and full stops, further reinforcing their learning from last year. A goal for our Year 2’s is to write neatly in their home learning books and to remember to punctuate their sentences correctly. This will lend itself nicely to narrative writing, which is the genre of text we will be focusing on in the coming weeks. 

In History we have been investigating what types of toys and games were played in the past. We also found out what school was like in the past compared to schools today. The children are developing research skills including observation of photos, interviews and viewing video clips. They have made different posters to show their learning and ways of organising their information such as in a Venn diagram. 

Best Wishes.

Year 2 Team

Melissa Brown (Head of Year 2), Joshua Aghion, Andrew Bennett, Rebecca Lachmund

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