Reception Newsletter | Term 1 Week 4

Welcome Reception Parents. 

What a great start to the year we have had! It was great seeing our students on Zoom and getting to share some online learning together. This week it has been lovely to meet everyone in person and continue our Reception journey on campus. We are quickly settling in and learning what our classroom is all about.

Online Learning

During our online learning time we were able to get to know one another and focused on knowing ourselves and then our families. I really enjoyed meeting you all! Thank you for your support and willingness to engage with this learning platform. It was great to begin to get to know our students and see some of their capabilities in our sessions and through the home learning yasks. 

Return to Campus

We have now returned to campus and everyone has arrived excited and ready to learn new things! We are getting to know one another more and developing relationships with our class peers and school community. This week we’ve had PE in the Gym with Mr Wookey, Chinese in our classroom with Rong Laoshi, Music with Miss Ashton in our classroom, and a chance to exchange our library books and borrow new ones.

Routines and Rituals

We are focusing on developing a strong sense of belonging through predictable, familiar routines here in class. This includes things like unpacking our bags, where we put our water bottles and diaries, getting our name rocks and name badges, getting ready for snack, and then how we do these things for the end of session! Our daily ‘circle times’ are a time where we meet together to discuss the timetable and learning for the day, remind ourselves of our keeping safe procedures, and have some time for a specific learning focus. This is a time where we also work on our ability to participate in a group, learning concepts around managing impulsivity, listening carefully, and contributing to classroom discussions. Developing predictable, familiar routines supports students to feel safe and secure here in class. When students feel safe and secure they are able to try new things and take risks, knowing that they will be supported by their teachers and peers.

Social Learning

We are really enjoying being together! When we are working alongside one another, we are exploring how we build friendships through communicating with one another. We are practising ways of introducing ourselves and phrases we might use to invite someone to work with us. Through this learning we will begin to hear and listen to each other’s ideas, developing our knowledge that we can learn from one another. As we build our friendships and learning connections, we will enhance our sense of empathy, kindness and responsibility within the classroom. There are lots of activities in our classroom that we can do on our own if we choose, but many of them are more fun with a friend!

Exploring our Classroom

Exploring the different activities set up in our classroom has been lots of fun! Our classroom is set up with different activities on each table that help develop our skills such as fine motor, maths and literacy, as well as creativity and making connections to prior learning. These activities change each week and reflect the needs and interests of our children at the time. We have been learning classroom rituals such as only two children at the table, using a timer to take turns and tidying up when we have finished an activity.

We’ve also been able to explore the field and play space downstairs. We love this space! We can run and stretch our bodies and challenge ourselves on the playground equipment. This kind of play helps us to develop our gross motor skills. We practice using our whole brains with our bodies, working on skills like balance and coordination. In turn this learning helps us in our classroom as we work on tasks that require us to use different areas of our brains at the same time, such as listening to a story or painting.


Each week we will be posting photos of what we are doing at school on SeeSaw. These photos capture a small moment in time of the different experiences we are engaging in, and let you see a part of our day. Please share these photos with your child to start a conversation about what they are doing. You are also able to make a comment on the photo, please feel free to share a comment. If you have any questions or need some help, please let me know.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to explore AISHK and look at the other areas that make up our school. We will be partnering with some of our Year 6 students as our buddies, making connections with the ‘big kids’. We are looking forward to decorating our classroom with our artwork and creations, and getting our family tree ready so that we can make connections to our lives outside of the classroom as well. As we get to know one another we will be following our interests and passions through our weekly activities. There is a great adventure ahead!

Important Reminders

  • Wherever possible, please arrive no earlier than 7:45am for our AM class.
  • Please upload your family photo to your child’s Google folder.
  • We are a ‘nut minimisation’ school, we appreciate your support in not bringing food items that contain nuts for snack.
  • Please pack spare masks for your child.

Lauren Rosanowski (Reception AM/ Reception PM)

Primary Office: