Careers and Higher Education Guidance Update

As the Lunar New Year begins, we are busy rolling out our Careers and Higher Education Guidance with students in Years 10-12. As the world has lurched from uncertainty to uncertainty over the past year, it is reassuring for students to know that there is still a myriad of options in higher education or the workplace awaiting them in the future. Our role as Careers Advisors is to help students understand some of these options, help students become aware of their own strengths and areas for development, and ultimately make careful research-based decisions about their future.

Students in Years 10-12 are assigned to one of the Careers Advisors and will build a positive and supportive working relationship with them over the course of their time in senior school. These allocations are below.

Year 10 Year 11 12B 12G 12M
10E – Anthony Murphy

10H – Anthony Murphy

10J – Ian Pomeroy

10W – Ian Pomeroy

11E – Anthony Murphy

11H – Anthony Murphy

11J – Ian Pomeroy

11W – Ian Pomeroy

Anthony Murphy: Jack B, Annette C, Alex D, Jayden H, Alyssa L, Alex M, Olivia W, Vivian Z.

Ian Pomeroy: Ashleigh C, Warren C, Polina E, Victoria H, Drishti K, Bryan K, Josh M, Zach Y, Daniel S. 

Anthony Murphy: Ava A, Oscar C, Maddie E, Jude H, Justin H, Alex H, Richard L, Derek T, Wai Y.

Ian Pomeroy: Ethan B, Jake C, Charli E, Alison H, Michael H, Sarah L, Nick T, Zach Y. 

Anthony Murphy: Moses C, Tommy L, Jamie L, Aidan S, Libby T, Mariko W, Ben W, Michelle Y.

Ian Pomeroy: Marcus C, Hannah G, Janice H, Sandy L, Hayden L, Tiffany L, George M, Sheree T, Josh T, Ethan W.

We work regularly with the homeroom teams and Heads of Year to provide Careers and Higher Education Guidance to students throughout the year. A summary of current activities and developments in Term 1 are below.

Year 10

Students in Year 10 have some important decisions to make later this semester as they select their subjects for senior school. At AISHK, we are fortunate to offer the HSC and the IBDP curriculum, so students have an added layer of choice. In order to prepare students for these decisions, in Week 6 they are being introduced to Unifrog, our online destinations platform, which is a one-stop shop for finding and applying for any opportunity taught in English, anywhere in the world. Students will be finding out more about their Myers-Briggs personality types, as well as building up a portfolio of evidence-based competencies, to help them understand themselves better. 

Year 11

Year 11 students are grappling with the demands of their new preliminary courses (HSC) or the first year of their IB Diploma. Our focus for them this term is helping them to understand their personal traits and study habits, as well as continuing to build up a portfolio of evidence-based competencies, which will help them with their university course choices and applications next year. Students in Year 11 need time and space to settle into their senior studies, but we are always available to answer any questions that they have about their future. 

Year 12

Our Year 12 students are working hard on their HSC and IBDP studies, but this is a crucial time for them in terms of university research and pre-admissions fact finding. They have the pre-admissions test such as UCAT (for Medical-related courses at many Australian universities) to register for, and students who are considering applying to schools and colleges in the USA will need to be well on the way with their SATs or PSATs. This term for Year 12 gives them vital time to research and finalise their university and course choices, and we are supporting students who are still unsure about their plans. It is vital that students use this time to do the research suggested at the Year 11 Careers Interviews last term, as this will be followed up on when we invite students to lay out their future plans with us and their parents at the post-school planning meetings in May. 

The Careers Advisors are always available for individual consultations; students can just pop into the Careers Office next to the Year 12 Common Room anytime they wish.  

In addition, students all have access to our Careers and H.E. Guidance Google Classroom, which is where we share information about university courses, online open days, summer schools and other opportunities for students.

We are also currently interviewing people from a range of workplaces, in order to give our students direct access to careers guidance from successful people across a range of industries, as part of our Careers Expo 2021. 

Finally, watch out for the Destinations publication coming next month with details of the universities and colleges AISHK graduates have been admitted to over the past 5 years. 

Parents, do feel free to contact your son/daughter’s Careers Advisor if you have any questions about their future. We will be happy to help.  

Kung Hei Fat Choi and a wishing all our families a very happy Year of the Ox! We wish you and our students every success for the year ahead.






Ian Pomeroy | Careers Advisor, Distance Learning Co-ordinator, English/French Teacher, Secondary







Anthony Murphy | Head of Year 11, Careers Advsior, Mathematics and SLR Teacher