[Head of School] Term 1 Week 4 Update

Kung Hei Fat Choi, Happy New Year of the Ox. It has been a lovely start to the new year with an increased rotation of students on campus during the continuing online learning. The bright and happy faces of the students, both younger and older, are a wonderful fillip for our school day.

I had the privilege of providing a ‘history’ lesson video for Year 1 last week about what I know from my schooling to be similar and different to now. I spent my Year 1 in the small coastal town of Ballina, NSW, and have strong memories of all those extraordinary experiences. Once shared with Year 1, I had some well-written letters in response from class 1D. The letters are now proudly pinned on my notice board.

The interactions available to us across our R-12 spectrum of students are invaluable and delightful. Importantly, our older students are also able to connect and share through casual interactions, as well as planned peer support and learning activities. It is a continuing strength of AISHK, and one that we will preserve and prosper so that each generation of students gets to learn from and share with the diversity of students on campus.

The same principle applies to the teaching staff where their professional learning communities (PLC) planning and workshops have an emphasis on cross-division collaboration between Primary and Secondary. The staff had a successful working day this week to progress their PLC’s using an inquiry cycle to achieve growth and improvement in a planned area. Their current projects will progress throughout the year.

Our term planner events remain light, given the online regimen, but we are delighted to be running Year 9 and Year 10 camps this term with Outward Bound. The Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP) has made some adjustments to the timing and extent of the Bronze Award qualification criteria. This means that all Year 9 students completing the camp will still be able to work to achieve their Bronze HKAYP award by the end of this year. Year 10 students are also able to do the same, having missed their camp opportunity last year. They too will be challenged by a vigorous set of day camps to assist them in achieving their HKAYP Bronze Award.

Best wishes for the continuing Spring Festival that this new Year of the Ox affords us.

Howard West | Head of School