Meet our Primary Specialist Teachers

Dear AISHK Families,

With the current situation of parents not being able to come onto campus, the Primary Specialist team have not had the usual opportunities to welcome you into the new school year. Therefore, we have put together an interactive slideshow for you to “meet” and get to know teachers virtually and at your own convenience.

Please click here to view the slideshow, and ensure the presentation is in “present” mode for the best viewing experience.

From there you are able to click on various links to come into specialist classrooms, meet your teachers, watch an introductory video and also find our contact details. The Primary Specialists included are: art, music, learning support, Chinese, physical education and health, library, I.C.T and the school psychologist.

We hope you enjoy meeting your teachers and we look forward to working collaboratively with you throughout 2021.





Joanne Spencer
Primary PE Teacher