[Deputy Head of Primary Message] Term 1 Week 5 Update

Across each classroom in the Primary school we are focusing strongly on Connect, Strive and Flourish; the words which represent our school values. Student wellbeing has been at the centre of our planning this term as we navigate both online and campus learning. Our students have come to the new school year showing resilience and adaptability.

Online learning has taught us many new skills and ways to deliver the curriculum for best student outcomes. Primary teachers have spent much time this term sharing ideas and best practice with each other. Teachers have led and shared skills in technology to ensure our skill levels have continued to progress. Student wellbeing has also been a key component of this which has resulted in a large bank of activities which teachers can draw upon within their classrooms.

Meaningful learning starts with opportunities to question and ongoing re-evaluation of what you think you know. This is reflected in inquiry-based learning experiences students in Years 3-6 are engaging in this term. This style of learning encourages the child’s ownership, motivation, opportunities to ask deeper questions which challenge their thinking and to follow their own interests in learning.

With the return to campus a huge priority, our planning has been based around a timetable in which students have best access to specialist classes as well as homeroom classes. Engagement in learning and student wellbeing has been prioritised to enable the most positive learning experiences. It is delightful to speak to the children and hear how ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ it is to be at school (in their own words).

In order to further assist with visualising the current timetable, you might like to use a reinforcement such as shown here. The individual pictures are separate and moveable based on your timetable.

If you would like to make your own copy of this visual you can find it here: School Week

The Learning Enrichment team alongside Joanna Chan, our new Primary School Psychologist, have been actively supporting teams to identify and continue to work with students on their learning and wellbeing. This has continued to be a very successful partnership within the Primary Division.

If you have any concerns about your child, we encourage you to reach out. Parent-Teacher interviews are now open for booking through the Parent Portal. These will take place during Week 7 and are an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and wellbeing.







Donna Botfield | Deputy Head of Primary