[Head of Secondary] Secondary Prize Giving Ceremony

Thank you to all students and their families for your engagement and support through this term. Its has been busy and productive as we migrated from and back to online learning. But I have seen in the students, a dynamism and a strength in being able to adjust routines according to the circumstances. In practical subjects there has been amazing productivity and in sports vigour and action including, most recently, the morning ECAs. Across the general learning spectrum there are excellent achievements which will be indicated in the final reports distributed next week.

To all students who are leaving, we wish you well with happy transitions to new circumstances. We know that you will stay in touch. We also say farewell on Tuesday to departing teachers, some after many years of service at AISHK. We will celebrate their time with us at AISHK in our final assembly, Tuesday 1:00pm, which will be live streamed to all students. I list their names here to thank them and express our gratitude for their contribution to the school: Ms Susan Buzan (Science); Ms Rebecca Parkhouse (English); Mrs Sandra Carter (Mathematics); Ms Elise Kelly (Music and Head of Year 10); Mr Lee Taylor (Head of Science); Mrs Robyn Gregory (Head of Mathematics); Mrs Nadine Vanderhoek-Cosse (Head of French).

We are also saying farewell to Mr Mark Hemphill and I want to personally thank him for his past three years of leadership at AISHK. He has led and managed with great care, insight and consideration and we have enjoyed his time here with us. Thank you, Mr Hemphill, for all you have done for us and the school.

A major point of celebration this week was the prize giving Speech Day event on Thursday. We adjusted the traditional ceremony considerably, and having the end of term back online, the streamed pre-recorded presentations were effective in marking the occasion and celebrating student achievement. Mr Hemphill’s speech was insightful and much appreciated. See the published list below of all the prizes awarded.

I wish to thank all staff for their diligent and committed work with the students throughout the year. Their collegiality, humour and energy are much appreciated brings great strength to the school.

Best wishes for Christmas and the holiday season.

This week on Thursday 3 December at 9:30am, the Secondary Prize giving ceremony took place online, to acknowledge and award the achievements of the 2020 Prize Winners.

Congratulations to all award winners!

2020 Secondary Prize Winners

Year 7

Chinese 2nd LanguageLiana Martin (The Reid Family Prize for Putonghua)
Chinese Background SpeakersPotter Leung
EnglishLiana Martin
FrenchAlice Harbottle
GeographyMaxine Tsang
HistoryAlice Harbottle
Mandatory TechnologyLachlan Chui
MathematicsTrevis Xu
MusicLachlan Wu
PDHPESarah Broderick
ScienceMaxine Tsang
Visual ArtsAndrew Chan

Year 8

Academic ColoursJessica McKenzie
Chinese 2nd Language Francesca Sigston
Chinese Background SpeakersKelly Cheung
EnglishJessica McKenzie
FrenchLily Cladingboel
Geography Jessica McKenzie
HistoryCalpurnia Lang
Mandatory TechnologyJiyana Fong
MathematicsEthan Leung
MusicJessica McKenzie
PDHPESam Kirwan
ScienceJessica McKenzie
Visual ArtsJessica McKenzie

Year 9

Chinese 2nd LanguageShannen Lee
Chinese Background SpeakersTommy Xu
CommerceElke Chaplin
Design & TechnologyAnnsley Lo
EnglishIsabella Lai
FrenchLogan Murphy
GeographyJoanne Helly
HistoryElke Chaplin, Jeannie Leung, aeq.
Information & Software TechnologySebastian Hsien
MathematicsAnnsley Lo
Music Jeannie Leung
Physical Activity & Sports Studies Nicholas Sandy
PDHPELogan Murphy
ScienceElke Chaplin
Visual ArtsJoanne Helly

Year 10

Academic ColoursAndrew Ho, Jack Kirwan
Chinese 2nd LanguageCandice Mitchell
Chinese Background SpeakersAnnett Tang
CommerceJack Kirwan
Design & TechnologyEmma Loui
EnglishJack Kirwan
FrenchAndrew Ho
GeographyAndrew Ho
HistoryJack Kirwan
Information & Software TechnologyAndrew Ho
MathematicsAndrew Ho
MusicWilson Liao
Physical Activity & Sports StudiesJack Kirwan
PDHPEIndia Knowling
ScienceAndrew Ho
Visual ArtsAndrew Ho

Year 11

Academic Colours Max Cotter, Sarah Law, Aidan Szeto, Vivian Zhou, Justin Ho
HSC Subject Prizes
BiologySarah Law
Business StudiesMax Cotter
ChemistrySarah Law
Chinese ContinuersAva Aranez
Chinese in ContextSarah Law
Design & TechnologyMariko Walsh
EconomicsMax Cotter
English Alyssa Lotter
GeographyZachary Yan
Legal StudiesJude Harding
MathematicsSarah Law
Modern HistoryAva Aranez
Music 1Daniel Stapleton
PDHPEMax Cotter
PhysicsEthan Bristow
Sports, Lifestyle & Recreation Zachary Yan
Visual ArtsAlyssa Lotter
Visual DesignAva Aranez
IB Subject Prizes
BiologyJustin Ho
Business & ManagementAidan Szeto
ChemistryZachary Yap
Chinese Language BVivian Zhou
Design TechnologyAidan Szeto
EconomicsJoshua Tu
English A Language & LiteratureJoshua Tu
French Ab InitioJustin Ho
French Language BAidan Szeto
HistoryOscar Chaplin
MathematicsJustin Ho
MusicJustin Ho
PhysicsZachary Yap
PsychologyVivian Zhou
Visual ArtsVivian Zhou

Year 12

Best All-Round Year 12 StudentOcean Hartnett
HSC Subject Prizes
BiologyElwood Fong
Business Studies Luke Hobson
ChemistryEdwina Cho
Chinese ContinuersEmily McCauley
Chinese & LiteratureEdwina Cho
Design & TechnologySharman Tam
DramaRohana Utamchandani
EconomicsKameron Truong
EnglishEmily McCauley
GeographyEthan Briscoe
Information Processes & TechnologyCallum Marsh
Legal StudiesEmily McCauley
MathematicsEdwina Cho
Mathematics Non-CalculusRohana Utamchandani
Modern HistoryKameron Truong
Music 1Harrison Morgan
PDHPEAshley Botfield
PhysicsElwood Fong
Visual ArtsKingston Tam
IB Subject Prizes
BiologyEdwina Sze
Business ManagementSophia McKenzie
ChemistryAlina Martin
Chinese A Language & LiteratureHayden Young
Chinese Language BElizabeth Kwok
EconomicsEdwina Sze
English A Language & LiteratureElla Bindley
French Ab InitioAlina Martin
French Language BAlex Milet
HistoryElizabeth Kwok
MathematicsAlina Martin
MusicJanice Leung
PhysicsIan Liu
PsychologySophia McKenzie
Visual ArtsHayden Young

Hong Kong Award for Young People

Silver Award (Awarded by the HKAYP during 2020): Hannah Abrahamian, Hannah Gliddon, Richard Leow, Marcus Chan, Georgia Lancsar, Claudia Wong

School Prizes

The Head of School Prize for the School Captains: Ella Bindley, Connor McGrath
The Philip Day Memorial Prize: Elizabeth Kwok
Dux of the School: Alina Martin (IB); Kameron Truong (HSC)

Howard West | Head of Secondary