Parent Association | 2021 PA Committee and Holiday Wishes

Thank you to the 2020 PA Committee

Dear Parents,

Following the PA AGM, we would like to dedicate a heartfelt thanks to to the 2020 PA Committee. In a year of challenges, we were in fact able to rise above obstacles, bond as a team and provide the best we could under the circumstances for our parent community. Thank you for your dedication, support and positive outlook in a year of unexpected eventualities. Your service for the benefit of the school community over the past year has been greatly appreciated.

2020 PA Committee members:

President | Joanna Hartnett
VP Secretary | Claire Doherty
VP Finance | Pandora Hui
VP New Parent Co-ordinator | Kwai Lee, Yvonne Gibson
VP Events | Alane Marder
General Committee | De-Arna Megaloconomos, Veronica Moreno Dy, Sharon Ding, Victoria Kemp, Kitty Wong, Winnie Leung, Michelle Hughes, Ting Ting Liu, Kim So

Welcome to the 2021 PA Committee

Dear AISHK Community,

We are pleased to announce the election of the 2021 Parent Association Executive and General Committee members, as a result of the PA AGM

Position Parent Name Child’s Year Level/s
Executive Committee – President Joanna Hartnett Year 6
Vice President – Events Alane Marder Year 10
Vice President – Community Zdravka Newman Reception
Vice President – Secretary Claire Doherty Year 3
Vice President – Finance Sharon Ding Year 10
Vice President – New Parent Coordinator Kwai Lee & Year 5
De-Arna Megaloconomos Year 6

Welcome to all our 2021 General Committee Members

 General Committee Charlotte Luker-Coombs Year 1
Banovwe Shakarho Year 5
Winnie Leung Year 5
Victoria Kemp Prep, Year 6
Pandora Hui Year 4
Lourdes Chiu Year 3
Kitty Wong Year 5
Veronica Dy Year 7
Shirley Jones Year 4

Happy Holidays from The PA!

To all AISHK parents, staff and students, thank you for your ongoing resilience, support, kindness and dedication this year. It was certainly a year when it was needed most.

The PA will continue to plan and strategise in the coming weeks for activities and events of 2021, bearing in mind all we have learnt from this year. We look forward to updating you and welcoming you in the new school year.

During this holiday break, should you wish to connect with the PA or if we can assist with connecting you with other AISHK families, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the PA on