Vale Hannah Kvan (1953-2020)

During the establishment of AISHK, Hannah Kvan was office manager and she played an instrumental role in the establishment of the school’s operating systems and support for the principals, Mr Brian Davies (1995) and Mrs Chris Neilsen (1996-2003).

Hannah’s parents were Danish and she grew up in Hong Kong, so her command of several languages including Cantonese, was of great benefit when supporting parents and managing the business office. Prior to working at AISHK, Hannah ran the ESSO Company office in Beijing.

Hannah worked with us from January 1995 to January 2000 and Mrs Neilsen describes Hannah’s ingenuity, diligence and creativity as “incredible work in those early years with us”. In those fledgling years, the small but growing staff relied heavily on Hannah’s strengths to make things strong and effective in a timely manner.

I remember coincidentally meeting Hannah one Saturday morning on Pedder Street, Central in 1998, where she was about to visit a company to negotiate the transfer of their old, second hand PCs to the school, as we had none for the students at that time. Such was Hannah’s devotion to the school’s improvement in those early years.

Hannah left Hong Kong in 2000 and moved to the UK to look after her unwell mother who, under Hannah’s care, live for 15 further years, being well looked after by her caring daughter.

We remember Hannah Kvan with warmth and fondness and the seeds she planted in the earliest days of AISHK continue to bear many generations of rich and fine fruit.

Howard West | Head of Secondary