AISHK Presents: 25th Anniversary Film & Publications

Dear AISHK Community,

We hope this finds you well. As previously communicated, we are delighted to share with you our 25th Anniversary Film and publications.

Anniversary Film
“Celebrating 25 Years of AISHK: Who We Are Today”

AISHK is proud to present to you the 25th Anniversary Film – Celebrating 25 Years of AISHK: Who We are Today. With the commitment of students, staff, alumni, AISFL Board, parents and the broader international community in Hong Kong, and incorporating a visual feast of footage, hand-picked from our school’s 25-year history, be sure to prepare a cosy drink, sit back, and enjoy this film which celebrates who we are today as a School.
Watch The Anniversary Film by clicking here. 

A Special Edition Lion Rock

Due to the limitations caused by the Covid-19 situation, the quarterly Lion Rock could not take place in its usual frequency. However, we are pleased to provide this Special Edition Lion Rock. We hope you enjoy perusing the following pages which include insights from our students, the 25th Anniversary Film, and a trip down memory lane through our school “throwbacks” which have been featured this year. Please click here to read the Special Edition of The Lion Rock.

2020 Yearbook

The 2020 Yearbook, is a prime example of how organisations have had to adapt to or adjust timelines, manage expectations and persevere through significant obstacles. Though the students may be photographed in masks, or in somewhat more stilted, distanced photos, please take our word for it that there are smiles and laughter under those masks! The students and staff have been an absolute joy to work with this year, considering the restrictive circumstances. We hope our students, parents and staff enjoy this snapshot into The Year That Was 2020! The 2020 Yearbook has been sent by email to AISHK  parents, staff and students.

Thank you to the students, staff and parents who have contributed to our publications and communications in 2020.

Wishing you all a safe and festive break, and a happy and healthy 2021!

Australian International School Hong Kong