Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

Australian Stories

There can be no doubt that we are truly ready for one of our big events of Year 6. Australian Stories! The Year 6 teachers continue to be impressed with the research, creativity, innovation, wealth of Information Computer Technology skills, energy and perseverance that is being shown as these exhibitions come to life. This is not to mention the incredible amount of time that our students have spent researching, writing, creating, deleting, recreating, editing, conferencing, meeting with mentors, drawing, performing, making….. The list goes on!

The debut of Australian Stories Online will be going live for Year 6 families on Thursday 19 November at 9:00am. Just one of the many benefits of having this significant event online is that we can keep it open for 48 hours for you to marvel at these excellent exhibitions. 

To assist all viewers in navigating the website Ms Yeung, our Digital Literacies Specialist Teacher and some of our very own Year 6 students have created a video to guide you through various aspects of Cospace which will be useful. This can be found on the website. Next week, all Year 6 parents will be emailed the direct link to the online exhibition as well as access to the explanatory video.  Year 6 students have been working hard on this project for eight weeks in class and also as their homework. We can’t wait for you to see their efforts!

Year Level Assembly

Our Year Level Assembly this afternoon, hosted by our Head and Deputy Head boys and girls was brimming over with news and excitement! Mrs Atkins with the assistance of Mr Kean presented our Library Leaders with their certificates. The Head of Year 7 for 2021, Ms Lu Lu Zhang and our Secondary School Psychologist, Ms Bernadette Spencer introduced themselves to the grade. Mr Hemphill addressed the year and there was a tad more excitement! After our hosts gave a superb fashion show of the Year 6 t-shirts and caps designed by our very own Year 6 students, announcements were made of the list of events to celebrate Year 6.  Please see the notes below. 

Graduation Ceremony: Thursday 26 November 9am-10am

As per the email sent out by the Primary Office, we are very excited that parents will be able to attend the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony. Due to government regulations there will be strict social distancing rules that we must apply to. 

This does mean that the ceremony will be at 9:00am and will be finished by 10:00am in the school auditorium on the prior given date of Thursday 26 November.  We must adhere to the regulations, therefore, parents will be invited through the gates just before 9:00am. The students will be expected to be at school dressed in their full school uniform with blazers, in their classrooms at the normal time by 8:15am for preparation and morning routines. 

There will be a final roll call where your child is given a certificate and their graduation bag, but we do wish to inform you that there will be no photo opportunities pre and post ceremony because of social distancing requirements. We realise that this is not what we’ve done in previous years, however, it is exciting news that we are able to conduct this ceremony with parents present to celebrate the milestone of completing Primary School. 

Due to the pandemic, many events have had to be cancelled or very much reassessed and we are unable to have a disco for the students this year.  Of course, we have been looking for other ways to celebrate and give the students time to enjoy each other’s company in a fun and social way and the next few weeks are looking packed!

Orientation Day: Wednesday 25 November

More information will come your way, but today in assembly the Miss Lu Lu Zhang, Head of Year 7 2021, came to introduce herself to our soon to be secondary students. There are currently question boxes in each classroom, ready to be filled with curious inquiries over the next few weeks.  Even if your child is not going to be at the school in 2021, we still feel that they will get a lot out of the day by getting a small taste of secondary school and have another day with their classmates.

More information will be sent out about Orientation Day.

Activity Day

We are very excited to announce that in the day after graduation, Year 6 students will be having a day out! Please do note that this was all confirmed at the time of writing, but we have all experienced that situations can change very quickly. We will always do your best to keep you informed. 

Week 10 – Friday 27 November

We will be going bowling!! Yes, we have got the entire bowling alley to ourselves for the morning! After our Wellbeing Year Level Assembly, decked in our Year 6 t-shirts and caps, we will be piling into the bus for ten pin bowling! Music will blast, laughs will be had and memories made in one of our final weeks of school. We will be back in time for lunch (normal home lunch or cafeteria arrangements) at 1:00pm on the rooftop so that the students can spend the remainder of the afternoon with their classmates. 

An exciting few weeks are upon us and we can’t wait to keep you updated.

Library message from Mrs Atkins

Library Borrowing

It is always wonderful to welcome the Primary students to the Library for borrowing and, as the end of the year draws closer, we have some Library reminders and updates in regard to book loans:

  • Students borrow in their classes in Week 9 & 10 as normal (Christmas books are now available)
  • Books are due back in Week 11 to allow time for the 3 day book quarantine, returning and shelving prior to the end of term
  • Next week, you may be contacted via email if your child currently has any overdue books and we ask that these be returned as soon as possible please
  • Students who are returning to AISHK in 2021 and are keen to borrow for the December/January holiday period, may do so in Week 11 on their class borrowing day. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificates

The Premier’s Reading Challenge team in NSW have advised the certificates are almost ready and students who completed the Challenge this year should receive their certificate before the end of term. 

Have a lovely weekend, 

The Year 6 Team