Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

Week 10 has come to an end. No doubt one of our most eventful weeks this year. Incursions up to the Secondary Science Laboratories to create a battery out of a lemon (yes it does work!), Orientation into Year 7 and our Graduation Celebration to mark a very special milestone for our Year 6 students. The events kept coming and this morning was our Year Level Assembly where we shared our own interpretations of ‘2020 Through My Eyes’, the students proudly donning their Year 6 t-shirts and caps. They looked fantastic! 

Despite our Year 6 Celebration not looking exactly how we had all hoped, it was indeed a celebration of our Year 6 students facing a year that brought many challenges, but a year in which they each persevered, showed resilience and made us all exceptionally proud.  Grace Labans, Cai McGunnigle, Petra Ng, Harry Knowling as well as Hanna Wong and Will Holt gave thoughtful and articulate reflections of their final year in Primary School. Congratulations to our Margaret Merrell recipient, Jasper Palfrey. 

 To watch each student receive their graduation bag, certificate and then be farewelled from Primary by Mr Kean and welcomed to Secondary by Mr West,  was a very special moment indeed and one that our students have been waiting for.  As the ceremony concluded, the live stream stopped, the music played and there were certainly some very happy faces beaming around the auditorium. Our day was then spent with students eagerly getting their peers and teachers to sign their signature books as well as reflecting on what a special week we’ve had. 

Please note that the photographs taken from the Graduation Celebration can be found in the email link which will be sent out to all Year 6 Parents. Each student will receive a QR code which has the links to all videos which featured in the celebration. 

It was  disappointing for all that we were not able to go bowling as we had planned, but again the Year 6 students impressed us with their maturity and resilience.  Unfortunately it is just the year where we all must be flexible and think as positive as we can. That is exactly what your sons and daughters did again this week. They truly are inspiring. 

Next week will be our final full week with our wonderful Year 6 classes which is still hard to believe that we have reached that time of year. If 2020  has taught us anything, it is to appreciate the small moments and each other’s company. That is exactly what we intend on doing in our final week with Year 6 2020. 

Swimming for the remainder of the term:

In remaining vigilant in the current situation, students’ final swimming lesson for next week (last swimming lesson for the year) has been cancelled. Students have had a great opportunity to swim this term and have really enjoyed it. We will replace swimming with year level sport. 

The Year 6 Team thank you for all of your ongoing support. It has been a pleasure teaching your children and the students of Year 6 2020 is a cohort that we will never forget. 

When speaking to some of our Year 6 students, these were their highlights from Week 10. 

“Sharing Australian stories with the Year 5 class and my parents.” – Valerie Dy 

“Playing with my friends in the playground, some of whom are leaving.” – Louie Yang 

“Being able to go to soccer, touch rugby and basketball training and being able to run around.”- Damian Cabrita 

“Orientation Day – we got to go to the Science lab and we mixed experiments together.” – Aliyah Gibbs

“My highlight of Week 10 is the graduation we had. It was so fun seeing everyone. This week there have been some difficulties but I think it was worth it so we can do more as a whole school.” – Eleni Megaloconomos 

“This week was planned out, then suddenly, got disrupted. Even though it wasn’t as great I still had one main highlight of this week – Orientation Day! I really enjoyed Orientation Day because I found it exhilarating to experience a day in Secondary. I found it exciting how we got to meet our future teachers, and most of all, I’m sure we all enjoyed the buying at the cafe experience. This is my highlight for this week, Week 10.” – Summer Harnett 

Have a lovely weekend, 

The Year 6 Team